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Tip 5 – Aggressive dog – How to deal with aggressive dogs (By Bruno’s mom)

There is a training technique that was taught to me by a fellow pit bull owner, and it works wonders.

As you probably know, usually a Pit Bull’s #1 problem is dog aggression because historically they were bred for dog fighting.
It’s called ” Bar Open” “Bar Closed” when you are walking your dog, and you see (and your dog sees another dog) feed treats over and over again (aka Bar Open) until the dog is out of site.

Once the dog is out of site, stop feeding treats (AKA bar Closed). Your dog will start to associate that every time a new dog is around it’s a VERY positive thing.

I’m sure if it can work on rescued pit bulls who were abused by their past owners by putting them in dog fights, then it can work on a Dalmatian.
Good luck!

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Thanks to Bruno’s mom for sharing her experience on this matter.

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