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Tip 4 – How to take a dog’s temperature

If you suspect your dog is sick then taking your dog’s temperature is important. It is not difficult, but it is a task best performed with two people. Have someone hold the dog still, preferably someone the dog knows and likes.

  • Apply petroleum jelly to the head or bulb of a rectal thermometer.
  • Slowly slide the thermometer into the dog’s rectum about 1 inch deep.
  • Wait 2 minutes for a mercury thermometer.

Remove slowly and read the thermometer. Shake down the thermometer and clean it after every use.

A dog’s normal body temperature ranges between 100.5 Fahrenheit (38.1°C) and 102.5 Fahrenheit (39.2°C).

A dog’s temperature below 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37.2°C) and temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40°C) are considered extremely serious and your dog should be brought to a veterinarian immediately.

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  1. Avatar terry says:

    Our dog has had diarrea for the past 5 days. No change in food and hos temp. is 101 F. Any ideas on how to deal with this. He is a border collie, golden retriever cross.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      5 days of diarrhea is way too long and your dog can get dehydrated. If this were my dog I’d deal with this by taking it to a vet.
      Good luck.

  2. Avatar Christina Kuecher says:

    I have a 2 1/2 year old labador mix that recently has been acting weird, we recently had a 7 month old husky puppy pass away from parvo I was heartbroken and they were really close. My lab wont eat but will drink ,her BM are kind of soft not runny though, she puked 2 times like 3 days ago and hasnt puked since then could she have caught parvo being older? She was our rescue dog about a year ago and we asumed she got her shots and now we have our fingers crossed. Do you think it could be depresstion from the other puppy passing away?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      If your pet is not eating for more than 24 hours a vet visit is in order. If it’s been a few days and he’s still not eating it’s URGENT to see a doctor asap.

  3. Avatar Fran says:

    I actually question why you branded this particular posting,
    “Taking a dog’s temperature – weekly pet tips by |”. Either way I really admired it!I appreciate it,Leticia

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