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Tip – 16 – Drooling – Dogs that drool

Some dogs are natural droolers. The Basset hound, Bullmastif, and St. Bernard are among some classic examples of that dog breeds that regularly drool and slobber. The skin around their mouths and jaws is very loose and this lets the drool seep out, especially when they eat and exercise. Other dogs drool only occasionally and in varying amounts.

Sudden drooling in a pet that doesn’t usually drool or slobber indicates a problem. The problem can range from to a chipped/cracked tooth or gum infection (the more common reasons), to poisoning or a foreign object lodged in the throat. Try checking your dog’s mouth and look to see if you can spot the problem. Maybe there is a splinter or foreign object you can see and easily remove it without hurting the animal. If not, then it’s time to visit the vet and diagnose the severity of the condition.

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  1. Avatar mike says:

    have been going to the same dog park for yrs am group has usual 15-20 dogs. usual bulldogs/bernards etc are droolers. latley all the dogs in group are drooling immediatly upon entering park, i mean all ;even dogs that never drooled before; started after recent snow fall, and
    has increased with the melt and mud. any thoughts

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Yes many dogs drool due to the cold weather – not exactly sure why though – very good question for a vet or other members on oor pet forum.

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