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Tip – 10 – Dog breeders and cat breeders – How to choose a reputable breeder

Although there are many good breeders out there there are also many bad breeders. These are breeders that keep their pets in horrible surroundings and have no real interest in the breed. Their only goal is to make money. Here is a small checklist to help you determine the difference.

Lack of knowledge – Ask the breeder questions about the particular breed they are selling. They should know tons of information including any genetic defects or health issues that affect their particular breed. If they don’t know enough of this crucial information, beware!
Environment – A reputable breeder will show you where the kittens or puppies were raised, and will show you the mother and offspring. If these areas are clean and tidy, this is a good sign. Beware of any breeder who only wants to show you the animal they are selling and not where that animal was raised.
Competition – Most of the best breeders show their breeds at professional competitions.
Documentation – If the breeder says the puppies or kittens are registered with the CKC, AKC or CFA etc., they should have the documentation to back it up.
It important to know that if you are going to purchase a pet from a breeder, it should be from a professional reputable breeder.

There are plenty of ‘backyard’ breeders. These are people that just put 2 dogs or cats together and sell the offspring. They know very little about the actual breed and it is often just an amusing pastime for the kids, and a way to make extra money. These people may not be bad people, but they are bad breeders. It is important for you the consumer to spot the difference. After all, a pet is a lifetime commitment.

Better yet – if you’re not planning on showing your pet professionally, why not save a life and adopt a pet from a shelter. You may even find the breed you are after, you’ll save money and a life.

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