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Puppies that Chew – Pet tip 159

Chewing is a natural activity that most puppies like to engage in. It gives them something to do with their surplus of energy and it also relieves the discomfort of teething. The problem with this 100% natural activity is that the objects that puppies choose to chew on are often inappropriate in our human opinions. Shoes, socks and furniture are 3 puppy favourites that are not favoured by their human owners. The question becomes then, how do we get them to chew on appropriate items and what are these appropriate chewing items?

Different puppies will like to chew on different objects depending on their breed and size. In all cases it makes good sense to allow your puppy to chew on items that look (and taste) completely different from objects that it is not allowed to chew on. For instance many pet owners will give their puppies older socks to chew on. Then they are surprised when puppy chews up their brand new pair of comfy socks. How is the puppy supposed to know which socks are for chewing and which are forbidden? The answer is that socks are a bad chew-toy for this exact reason; it will always be a struggle for your puppy to differentiate between socks it is and is not allowed to chew. Old shoes are also bad for the same reason. These items are likely to remain serious temptations for your puppy though so keeping them behind closed doors and closets also makes good sense.

It is highly recommended that you go to a pet store and choose chew-toys there. They should be too large for puppy to swallow but small enough to give your puppy a good chew. Ask the manager or store employee for their advice on breed specific toys. Make sure that your puppy cannot bite through a small piece of the toy and swallow it. Two toys in particular that are specifically made for puppies of different sizes are Kongs and Nylabones. Kongs can be filled with treats or peanut butter and can keep a puppy busy for hours.

Once you have purchased a selection of different toys you’ll find out pretty quickly which ones your puppy likes. Then if your puppy still chooses an inappropriate object to chew on you can take it away and give it a stern “No”! Then immediately give your puppy a toy it is allowed to chew and praise it for chewing the appropriate chew-toy. It should not take too long for your puppy to learn which objects are forbidden.

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  1. Avatar Jesse W. says:

    My toy Chihuahua puppy is peeing and pooping on anything I leave in the floor! It started with clothes and shoes, I try to keep everything like that out of the floor! Now if I drop a paper towel or regular towel on the floor for that matter he will immediately come over to it and pee on it if I do not pick it up within seconds! He has chewed the cable wires that go to my suround sound system in the back of my television in to pieces today!! And just yesturday my computer cord was laying in the floor and he peed on the battery part of it. I cleaned it off and then 10 minutes later I was using my computer to do a homework assignment and he came back over and peed on it in the same spot!! I dont know what to do! Please help!! My husband is really angry about this and I need advice on how to get him to stop! He has 3 puppy pads on the floor in different spots of the living room where he sleeps and still he will pee on the floor and poop on the floor! Also we have to close all bedroom and bathroom doors because he will go and poop on the floor in the bedrooms and bathrooms if we dont. It happens even if someone forgets to shut the door and comes back 5 minutes later, there will be poop or pee everytime!!! He is 11 weeks old today and I rerally hope this is something we can train him on otherwise I know my husband will make us find him a new home and I love him and really want to keep him! My children adore him as well!

    • Avatar Marko says:

      This dog need group obedience training after it has had all its shots.
      There, you can ask the trainer all kinds of questions related to this and related to being a good leader.
      Until then a FIRM NO! when u see this behaviour happening is a good idea. LOADS of praise is a good idea when she eliminates in the right spot. Choose 1 spot and take her there before she eliminates but as you are seeing the signs. Good luck.

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