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North America is becoming more and more pet friendly. This is clearly evidenced by the continually increasing multi-billion dollar pet economy. North Americans don’t only spend money on pets themselves, but also on pet food, vet bills, pet toys, pet grooming, pet daycare, pet birthday parties, massages for their pet, pet accessories, and even pet funerals. Some pet owners love their pets so much that they cannot bear to be without them and take them along when they travel. Rather than board their pets at a kennel, they take them along and stay at pet-friendly hotels.

Pet friendly hotels have popped up all over North America in the past several years and multiple pet friendly hotels can be found in most major cities across North America. There are pet hotels to accommodate many budgets but more often than not, pet-friendly hotels are a bit pricier because of the extra cleaning and extra services that are included. Many offer special pet beds, mats and toys to please their furry guests. Even though many hotels call themselves pet hotels or pet-friendly hotels, you must do your research. Many of these hotels also cater to ‘regular’ hotel guests and limit the amount of rooms dedicated to pets or limit the amount of pets that can stay at their hotel at any one time. In order to find a pet-friendly hotel in the city you are going to, just do a quick search on the Internet for the term ‘pet friendly hotels’ and you’ll be well on your way.

The culture of pet friendly hotels is another attraction. Let’s face it even though more and more people are traveling with their pets and staying at pet-hotels, it is still not the norm for most pet owners. When you stay at a pet friendly hotel however, pets and pet-loving people are absolutely the norm. Well socialized pets get to make friends with each other and pet owners discover a whole new pet-traveling culture that they may not have known existed in the past. Activities, events and meet-ups between the four legged and two legged guests are normal and encouraged.

Even though there are many choices of pet friendly hotels, traveling with your pet does carry additional concerns that you need to be aware of especially if your pet has no experience traveling. Make sure if traveling by air that you are comfortable with where your pet will be during the flight. Most flights will only allow pets to fly in the baggage compartment and many passenger flights prohibit pets altogether and they must fly on a separate plane. If your pet gets nervous it is probably wise to ask your vet for a mild sedative for the flight. If traveling by car you might also ask your vet for anti-nausea medication. Pets get nervous in strange environments and sometimes try to escape. Make sure your pet is on leash at all times and that it has identification on it at all times. Make sure you know in advance where the nearest emergency veterinary hospital is in every city you go to. By following these simple precautions, traveling with your pet and staying at a pet-friendly hotel is likely to be fun for both you and your pet.

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