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Mixed Dog Breeds – Mutts – Pet tip 182

When people think of the dog that they want to get they are often thinking about a purebred dog. Although purebred dogs are great choices if you know exactly what type of dog you want to get, if you are unsure, then there are many more mixed dog breeds that are available to you. If you do decide to get a mixed breed there are quite a few advantages.

The cost is easily one of the biggest advantages if you decide to get a mixed breed dog. Mixed breed dogs are much cheaper than purebred dogs. Many purebred dogs are close to 1000 dollars or more. If you choose to get a puppy from a champion (a dog that has won awards in dog shows) you are likely looking at several thousand dollars. Mixed breeds on the other hand can usually be purchased from shelters for a few hundred dollars. This fee will likely include a bunch of vaccinations and spaying/neutering.

Another benefit to getting a mixed breed dog is that they are less prone to genetic defects. Purebred dogs became purebred because dogs because they were mated from the same bloodline. Mating two dogs from the same bloodline increases the chance of genetic defects. This is why when you research any particular breed you will often find a particular genetic defect shows up frequently in the breed. Although many breeders offer guarantees or exchanges if one their puppies develops a genetic defect, it is heartbreaking for most people to let go of a dog that they have bonded with. Mixed breed dogs are usually from completely different lines and are usually prone to less genetic defects. Even when a mixed breed dog carries a defective gene from one of its parents, it is often a recessive gene that is masked by the genes of the other parent.

Variety is yet another advantage of getting a mixed breed. If you want a small dog or larger dog, or yellowy dog or brown dog, there is usually a mixed breed that will suit your preferences. With the Internet being such a part of our lives these days, there is really no need to restrict your searches to local ones. Sites like offer tens of thousands of dogs for adoption and most of them are mixed breed dogs. If you can’t find a mixed breed that you like in your town, then Petfinder will list available dogs from towns close to you and towns that are further away.

Whatever you decide, it makes sense to ask questions and still do research on mixed breeds. Sometimes it’s easy to see what breeds the mix is made from and doing research on those breeds can still help identify characteristics of that breed. Ask the person or organization you are getting the dog from to tell you about the dog’s history, temperament etc. The better informed you are at the beginning the more likely you are to make the right choice.

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  1. Avatar Denver Smith says:

    I’m looking for Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky hybrid puppy. I have had no luck in finding this dog. Can you help me?

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