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Choosing a Kennel for your Dog – Pet tip 222

Summer is just around the corner and that means that many people are thinking about vacations. For families with pets like dogs and cats, this involves deciding what to do with them during the vacation. Many families are choosing to bring their pets with them and this is a great idea so long as the pets are used to travelling and you are aware of the logistics involved with bringing your pets on vacation. If the pets don’t travel well or families have no desire to vacation with pets, other options need to be considered. The next best option might be to leave pets at home and have someone check in on them and interact with them daily while you are away. If this is impossible then you may have to board your pet somewhere and a common solution involves looking for a kennel.

Like every other product or service there are good kennels and there are bad ones. Given that your pet will likely suffer from some stress due to your absence and their change of environment, you at least want to make sure that the kennel you board your pet at is a good one. Here are some tips on finding a good kennel for your pet.

Get referrals – Ask your veterinarian or other pet owners for names of kennels that they have had good experiences with. If your vet also boards animals then try to get a few names of the vet’s clients that have used this service and ask them if they were satisfied. If this doesn’t yield good results you might consider checking websites for pet owners. Pet forums, blogs and chatrooms can be great sources of information. Just make sure that the information you read is not motivated by promotion or self interest.

Visit the kennel – It is highly recommended that you visit the actual kennel before you bring your pet there for boarding. You want to see exactly where your pet will reside while you are away. You should ask for a tour and if they say that a tour isn’t possible, you are likely not dealing with a top quality kennel. Smell all the areas during the tour as this will help indicate how clean the kennel is.

Ask questions – You want to ask as many questions as you can beforehand. Where will my pet spend the majority of its time in your kennel? What activities (walks, playtime etc.) does your kennel offer? What happens in case of emergencies? If my pet needs medication, who will administer it? Can I leave toys or blankets with my pet? What are the costs and are there any extra charges? How much experience do the employees have?

These few tips can give you a good indication if a particular kennel is right for your pet. Ask your veterinarian for further tips on choosing a local kennel if you feel particularly nervous about boarding your pet. Although kennels can be stressful on pets, the level of care that they provide can reduce this stress if the kennel is a high quality one.

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