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Standard Schnauzer


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Dog Breed Group
Working Dogs 
Origin of Breed
Life Expectancy
12 to 14 years. 
Salt and Pepper, Black 
Harsh and wiry, with a soft undercoat 
Exercise Needs
This breed will take as much exercise as it can get a it is an active and energetic dog. 
Animated but obedient. It is a reliable and affectionate dog. It is intelligent but headstrong and needs firm and consistent tra 
Good with Children
Good with children. It may be aggressive with strangers or other animals. It is very brave and makes an excellent watchdog. 
Grooming Needs
The wiry coat should be combed or brushed daily or it will become matted. 
Average Size - Male (in)
18.5 - 19.5 
Average Size - Female (in)
17.5 - 18.5 
Average Weight - Male (lbs)
Average Weight - Female (lbs)
Health Issues
Relatively hardy dog that is prone to eye diseases.v
Living Conditions
Adapts well to urban living but requires plenty of exercise. 

Breed Description

The oldest of the three varieties, the standard, or medium-sized, Schnauzer's origin remains obscure. One account say it is a cross between two now extinct breeds, the Beaver Dog of the Middle Ages and a rough-coated dog, perhaps a terrier, which was used to rid vermin. Others believe it is descended entirely from drover's dogs, including the Bouvier des Flandres to which it bears a close resemblance. The schnauzer is the stock from which the other miniature and giant breeds were derived. It is shown in paintings and in a statue dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. Originally a guard dog and ratter, it was highly valued for its intelligence and courage. A robust dog, it is characterized by a blunt, heavily whiskered muzzle, a squared body, and a hard, wiry coat of black or salt-and-pepper. The standard schnauzer is most popular as a guard and companion; it has been used as a dispatch carrier, Red Cross dog, and police dog.

Breed Infobits

The Giant Schnauzer is related to the Miniature and the Giant varieties.
The word 'Schnauzer' comes from the German word 'schnauze' which means 'muzzle'.
It is also known as the Mittelschnauzer.

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