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Dog Breed Group
Working Dogs 
Origin of Breed
All colours and colour combinations. 
All over the body a thick undercoat and a medium length, loosely lying, harsh top coat. Short coat on muzzle, face, ears and fro 
Self assured, calm, even tempered with high resistance against any provocation. Watchful and alert without being noisy. Very str 
Good with Children
This dog is excellent with children and bonds well with family members. 
Average Size - Male (in)
20 - 23 inches 
Average Size - Female (in)
19 - 22 inches 
Average Weight - Male (lbs)
50 - 70 lbs 
Average Weight - Female (lbs)
40 - 57 lbs 

Breed Description

The Eurasier is relatively new to North America, but is quite popular in its native Germany where it is known as the "ideal housedog". It is a medium sized spitz breed with a thick woolly undercoat, and soft, rich, medium length outer coat in various colors, ranging from fawn or beige to mahogany red, and wolf-gray to black. Its bushy tail curls proudly over its back, and the dark, almond-shaped eyes exhibit a frank, intelligent expression. Interestingly, the Eurasier can also have a blue-black or spotted tongue.

The Eurasier is a clean and quiet dog with a tender and affectionate nature, and is well suited to family life. It enjoys children and adopts a paternal attitude with infants, never displaying any jealousy toward them. It is important to note that while hardy enough to live outside, Eurasiers must be allowed to reside indoors! If not included in everyday family activities their spirit will be broken, and they will also suffer from loneliness and pine away if kept outdoors or in a kennel.

The Eurasier needs to be part of the household and is loyal to all members of the family. However, it has a reserved and distrustful demeanour toward strangers, and paired with a natural instinct to protect, it thus makes an excellent watchdog. It barks an alarm only when necessary, and when provoked emits a deep, wolf-like growl.

Eurasiers are highly intelligent, alert and quick-witted; very easily trained with an overwhelming desire to please. They are extremely sensitive to harsh words or discipline and respond best to soft reprimand. They can be quite mischievous during the first few months of puppyhood, but become more reserved as they mature. Nevertheless, adult dogs still can be extremely playful.

Breed Infobits

In 1960 a breed was evolved by crossing a Chow Chow and a Wolfspitz. This was first called "Wolf-Chow" and then, after crossing with a Samoyed, was re-named "Eurasier" (Eurasian).
Eurasiers are almost a well-kept secret, as Europeans have been very guarded about letting these dogs leave their countries. Those people privileged enough to own a Eurasier, are rewarded with having a loving companion of flawless character.

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