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English Shepherd


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Dog Breed Group
Working Dogs 
Origin of Breed
Scotland and North England 
Life Expectancy
12 to 16 years. 
Black and Tan Black, Tan and White Sable and White Tri-Color (Black, White, and Tan) Black and White Chocolate or Red are a 
Glossy, straight or wavy, and about 2 inches long. 
The English Shepherd is a people oriented dog and readily takes direction from it's owner. The dog responds quickly when trained 
Good with Children
While very happy on a farm with chores to do, the English Shepherd makes an excellent family pet. The owner of a city English Sh 
Average Size - Male (in)
Average Size - Female (in)
Average Weight - Male (lbs)
Average Weight - Female (lbs)
Health Issues
The English Shepherd is relativly free of genetic problems, however hip displasia is found in the breed.v

Breed Description

Legend states, this hard working, herding dog decended from the Roman Cattle Dog that traveled with Caesar and his army in 55 B.C., across Europe. As the cattle were eaten by Caesars's troops, extra dogs were left along the way and interbred with local dogs. The cattle dogs became part of the Great Britain Highland herding dog tradition. Out of the group, the smaller dogs that developed the strong eye, and crouching position, became what is called the Border Collie, the larger shepherds with the "loose eye" were called Farm Shepherds or Farm Collies. The term "collie" meant black; the sturdy black faced highland sheep were called collie sheep. When the first English settlers immigrated to the new American continent with their cattle, they brought along their valued cattle dog, where it became known as the English Shepherd. The English Shepherd is in fact considered, an American dog. As always working abilities were valued along with family protection, and excellent family support. The English Shepherd was also known as the Farm Collie and has worked competently along with it's master to develop our nation, since before the Declaration of Independence. Elitism entered the story as the Show Collie was developed from foundation stock of this breed. The English Shepherds were local dogs that developed for the needs of the area they served. About 1950 the "common" Farm Shepherd was being replaced by the increasingly popular Border Collie, Australian Shepherds, etc. Fortunately a registry was formed at this time, to protect the English Shepherd breed. The versatile English Shepherd has continued to work on farms, yet many otherwise knowledgeable dog fanciers are not familiar with the breed. This is changing as English Shepherds are excelling in the newer dog competitions. English Shepherds perform with consistent excellence in Agility for example. More English Shepherds are also receiving Obedience Trial Titles. Herding, Tracking, Schutzhund, Flyball events will see more English Shepherds as dog lovers become aware of this talented National Treasure. The English Shepherd is a complete all purpose dog. Calm and steady, it has decended with it's brain intact down through the generations. While willing to please and capable of herding any type of livestock, of great importance is it's bond with it's owner and family. English Shepherds are gentle and patient with children and the two are a natural combination. English Shepherds love people, and it is a fortunate family or child that has an English Shepherd as a best friend.

The English Shepherd is a practical working dog, with instincts to heel and drive livestock. The English Shepherd will adapt to the work at hand and will herd cattle, sheep, hogs, or poultry. Their strong protective nature makes them an ideal watch dog. Some English Shepherds have been trained for hunting. This is an intelligent dog of great loyalty to it's owner and family. Stories of courage and problem solving are common. The English Shepherd is energetic and athletic, yet very gentle. They are noted for their calm good judgement and are content to curl up at the owners feet at the end of the day.

Breed Infobits

Mostly the English Shepherds are of a stable disposition and very gentle.
The English Shepherd is now a wholly American breed.

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