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Dog Breed Group
Working Dogs 
Origin of Breed
Life Expectancy
10 to 11 years 
Solid white 
Smooth or long, both double coat; thick with fringing 
Exercise Needs
He needs regular exercise such as a run off-leash even though his actively level is low. 
The Akbash Dog is completely dedicated and devoted to its owners and any animals in its charge. These dogs possess intelligence  
Good with Children
Will accept young children. Will accept other pets. 
Grooming Needs
The Akbash Dog has a non-odor, non-matting coat so minimal grooming is required. They do shed more than average and could use re 
Average Size - Male (in)
28 - 34 
Average Size - Female (in)
28 - 34 
Average Weight - Male (lbs)
90 - 140 
Average Weight - Female (lbs)
90 - 140 
Health Issues
Hip dysplasia, OCD.v
Living Conditions
Easily housebroken, he learns quickly and often adapts well to the home environment. 

Breed Description

One of the oldest breads of the flock-guarding group, the Akbash Dog still carries the same physical and mental traits that characterized these dogs thousands of years ago. They were probably brought to the hymalayas of Turkey with migrations of peoples from the East. He is a prbable relative of the other great white herd guarders of Europe - the Komondor, Kuvasz, Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, and even the distant Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Breed Infobits

Akbash is a Turkish word meaning white head.
The Akbash Dog is found today in rural Turkey, and, as far as can be determined, the Akbash Dog has been serving as a livestock protection dog in Turkey for millennia.
The Akbash is also known as the Coban Kopegi and Akbas

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