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Yorkshire Terrier


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Dog Breed Group
Toy Dogs 
Origin of Breed
England as a ratter 
Life Expectancy
12 to 18 years 
Dark steel blue with rich tan markings on the head, headfall, chest, and legs. Puppies are born black and tan, but their color c 
flat, straight, long, and sliky. 
Exercise Needs
Three exercie periods totalling 45 minutes per day. Quite active indoors and needs little outdoor exercise. 
Moderate energy level. Assertive, lively, inquisitive. People-oriented and demnadning of attention. Can be scrappy with other an 
Good with Children
Does best with older children. Ideal companion for adults. 
Grooming Needs
Low Shedder. Daily brushing required. Has a tendency to become matted and may need professional grooming. 
Average Size - Male (in)
Average Size - Female (in)
Average Weight - Male (lbs)
Maximum 7 
Average Weight - Female (lbs)
Maximum 7 
Health Issues
This is a popular breed that has been exploited. A poorly bred Yorkie is often sickly and hyperactive, so be careful. Also, avoiv
Living Conditions
Ideal apartment dog. 

Breed Description

The Yorkshire Terrier, also called the "Yorkie", breed of toy dog developed about the mid-1800s in the English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. The lineage of the breed is unknown but appears to include several terriers, such as the Skye and Dandie Dinmont; it may also include the Maltese. The most outstanding feature of the Yorkie is its straight, silky coat, parted on the back from nose to tail and long enough to sweep the ground. Colour is dark blue-gray, with tan on the head and chest. A small, compact dog, the Yorkshire terrier is generally healthy and spirited, and valued as a pet and companion.

Breed Infobits

Underneath the Yorkie's flowing coat there lives a noble animal with a determined spirit.
This tiny dog was originally bred to be a ratter; it still retains the speed and agility to catch rats, but no longer has the power and size to dispatch them.

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