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Sussex Spaniel


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Dog Breed Group
Sporting Dogs 
Origin of Breed
England, hunting dog. 
Life Expectancy
11 - 12 Years 
Rich golden liver shading to golden at tips of hairs, gold predominating; dark liver or puce is undesirable. 
Abundant and flat, without a tendency to curl; ample weather-resistant undercoat. 
Exercise Needs
Daily exercise is needed which should include a good walk on leash and the opportunity to play in a yard. Enjoys swimming and re 
A good house dog and family pet, the Sussex is soft and affectionate with a placid outlook on life. He is also determined and fr 
Good with Children
Good with children, especially if raised with them. Friendly with other pets, but may be bossy. 
Grooming Needs
Regular grooming with a brush or comb is required to maintain his beautiful, shiny coat. Keep ears clean, trim pads of feet. 
Average Size - Male (in)
13 - 15 
Average Size - Female (in)
13 - 15 
Average Weight - Male (lbs)
35 - 45 
Average Weight - Female (lbs)
35 - 45 
Health Issues
Heart and liver problems, hip dysplasia, and ingrowing eyelashes.v
Living Conditions
Can live outdoors as long as warm shelter is provided. Best suited for a home with a fenced yard. 

Breed Description

The Sussex Spaniel is known as an excellent hunting companion, he is long and low, rectangular and massive in appearance. His expression is somber and serious. Originating from Sussex in southern England it is said he is a cross with the Clumber Spaniel and Bloodhound. Origination of the breed is given to Mr. Fuller of Rosehill, Sussex in 1795. The Sussex Spaniel was mainly used to hunt partridge and pheasant.

Breed Infobits

The Sussex Spaniel is a very good all-round dog.
Unique to this breed is his rich golden liver color coat and a lower energy level than most spaniels.

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