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Black and Tan Coonhound


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Dog Breed Group
Hound Dogs 
Origin of Breed
United States 
Life Expectancy
10 - 12 Years 
Black and tan only. 
Short and dense 
Exercise Needs
Extremely active breed who requires a great deal of space and will be happiest on a farm. 
The Coonhound is determined and lively who makes a good watch-dog. 
Good with Children
Usually does best with older children. Gets along with other pets. 
Grooming Needs
Brush his coat two or three times weekly. Check his long ears regularly. 
Average Size - Male (in)
25 - 27 
Average Size - Female (in)
23 - 25 
Average Weight - Male (lbs)
55 - 75 
Average Weight - Female (lbs)
55 - 75 
Health Issues
Progressive retinal atrophyv
Living Conditions
A house with a fenced yard. 

Breed Description

Vary in coloring, there are many similarities among the six types of Coonhounds; the Black and Tan Coonhound, the Blue Tick Coonhound, the English Coonhound, the Plott Hound, the Redbone Coonhound and the Treeing Walker. Used for trailing and treeing raccoon, he runs his game entirely by scent. He does have a tendency to stray and needs to be closely supervised. Traced back to an extinct hound from the eleventh century you will also find some Bloodhound, and American and English Foxhound in his ancestry. Development of the breed goes to the people who lived in the mountains of Virginia, the Ozark Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains. Breed for the ability not only to trail but to "tree".

Breed Infobits

Descended from the Bloodhound and the Foxhound, the American Black and Tan Coonhound was developed in the USA on the basis of its colors.
The Bluetick Coonhound can be a high-spirited animal but quickly settles down when given a job to do.

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