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Dog Breed Group
Hound Dogs 
Origin of Breed
England as a hunting dog 
Life Expectancy
12 to 15 years 
Black, white, and tan combination. Eyes are brown or hazel; nose is black. 
Short and dense 
Exercise Needs
Four exercise periods totaling 80 minutes per day, including the occasional run. 
Moderate energy level. Good-natured, cheerful, gentle, and eager to please. Loves everyone. Independent inquisitive, curios. Lov 
Good with Children
Excellent with other pets and children. Average watchdog 
Grooming Needs
Medium shedder 
Average Size - Male (in)
10 - 15 
Average Size - Female (in)
10 - 15 
Average Weight - Male (lbs)
18 - 30 
Average Weight - Female (lbs)
18 - 30 
Health Issues
Beagles are prone to eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma and other diseases such as hypothyroidism and epilepsy. Ears rev
Living Conditions
Can adjust to both city and rural living. 

Breed Description

The Beagle has soft brown eyes that betray his warm personality but do not reveal his admirable courage and stamina. A truly trustworthy friend can be found in him and he makes a great family pet as he is eager to romp and play. A good watchdog he can be trained to hunt. He has existed in Britain since the reign of King Henry VIII. During the Renaissance he was used to hunt hare in Wales and France and was known as the best hare dog among small hounds.

Breed Infobits

The Beagle is affectionate, clean, tranquil and has a harmonious voice.
Beagles make excellent family pets and are very sociable with people.
Given the right training, the Beagle will make an excellent watchdog.

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