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Toxic Foods and Household Items

Lots of foods and products are bad or even toxic to pets

Common toxic foods and other household products for pets

We all know what’s poisonous for adults and children, and most of those same things are also toxic for our pets. Dogs, cats and other domestic animals however are also susceptible …

Toy dog breed

Toy dog breed information

As more and more people begin to populate our towns and cities, more and more dog owners are choosing miniature and toy breeds as their canine companions. Their small stature makes them excellent apartment dogs, easy travel buddies, and a …

Treats for Dogs

Not all dog treats are safe for your dog. By Chantale Robinson AHT Bs

Dog treats they come in all shapes and colors but are they healthy and safe for your dog?

Rawhide (animal skin usually from cows or pigs) and pigs’ ears are very popular dog treats. Dogs seem to love these inexpensive …

Umbilical Hernias

You are at your pet’s first visit to the veterinarian, and your vet tells you that your pet has an umbilical hernia. How can that be? Your pet doesn’t look sick; in fact it looks perfectly happy and healthy. This …

Urethra is Blocked

The serious consequences of a blocked urethra in cats - dogs

Urethral Blockage in Dogs and Cats

Rushing a pet into the emergency room is a situation every pet owner fears. Many owners have firsthand experience with the anxiety that comes with an emergency situation, and the worry that maybe somehow …

Using shelter – pound animals for research

Why we still do medical research on cats and dogs

Most people are aware that animals are used in research. About 80% of the animals used in research are used for basic scientific research or are used in medical testing. Although there is a big push to reduce the number …

Veterinary Appointments

Getting the most out of your vet appointment

You always have the best intentions when you take your pet to the vet. Whether you are proactively bringing in your dog for his annual exam and vaccines, or bringing in your cat after a bout of vomiting and diarrhea; …

Veterinary Homeopathy

An Introduction to homeopathy for pets. By Dr. Goldberg DVM

Veterinary Homeopathy “Homeopathy for pets, you say? I thought that was just for people!” That’s a common misperception among a growing number of clients I see that are involved with alternatives for their own health. With today’s growing demands on …

Veterinary Homeopathy 2

Further information on homeopathy for pets. By Dr. Guindon D.V.M

What is Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is not a new medicine of the millennium, it is medicine that dates back 250 years. Like other alternative medicines such as acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy it is used along with conventional medicine to help heal …

Veterinary Specialties

Your pet may need to see a veterinary specialist

Veterinary Specialists

The facts don’t lie. Every year pet owners are willing to spend more money on keeping their animals healthy. This means that owners are willing to spend more money on more complicated treatments and surgeries if their pets …

Vomit – Cat Vomiting – Dog Vomiting

Vomiting - What do do when your cat or dog has vomited. Answered by Dr. Goldberg D.V.M

When should you be concerned about a dog that vomits? You should be concerned if a). there has been any known exposure to toxins, garbage, perhaps a bone, plants, antifreeze, drugs etc. If there is repeated vomiting and retching, perhaps …


The purpose of cat and dog whiskers

Dog and Cat Whiskers

Sure, we all know what whiskers are. Whiskers are the long hairs on our pet’s face. Dogs have whiskers and cats have whiskers. In fact, almost all mammals have whiskers! Whiskers are actually more than just …

Who’s in Charge?

Make sure your dog knows you are boss to avoid problems. By Vicki Rodenberg De Gruy

WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE? A lesson in becoming Alpha

by Vicki Rodenberg De Gruy…

“My dog just tried to bite me! All I did was tell him to move over so I could sit on the couch next to him.”

Why Vet Care is So Expensive

The reasons that veterinary care is expensive

You always take the best possible care of your pet. You keep it up to date with its vaccinations and yearly check-ups. You bring it to the best veterinary clinic, the clinic that cares the most for you and your pet. Along the way, you may have had some emergencies or unexpected events to deal with. There is no question that you want the best care for your pet, but sometimes you wonder why it costs so much.

You are not alone. Many compassionate pet owners out there are struggling with the same problem. It just feels like the economy is down, salaries are down, yet the prices for veterinary care seem to keep going up, or at least are not going down. We never want to put a price on our pets’ lives, but sometimes it feels like we are forced to.

This article will explain the mysteries around the costs of veterinary care. It will talk about what goes into making a decision about prices. But let’s start first with a comparison to human medicine.


Article on the diseases passed from animals to humans.

Zoonosis – Pets and Kids

What completes the image of contemporary family life better than a family pet? Many families with young children also have dogs or cats living in their homes. While pets and kids have long since made …