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Massage Therapy for The Canine and Feline

Massage is any systematic form of touch that gives comfort and promotes good health. In many situations massage would be beneficial and healing to the animal. - By Chantale Robinson

Massage Therapy for Cats and Dogs
What is massage and does my pet have to be sick to benefit from massage?

Massage is any systematic form of touch that gives comfort and promotes good health. If you have ever had …

Medication and Pets

Tips on administering medication to your pets

At some point during your pet’s life, it will go on medication. It might only be for a week, or it could be permanently. Your veterinarian uses drugs as a tool to help a dog or cat heal itself, or …

Megaesophagus in Dogs

A short article on lymphoma, its diagnosis and treatment

‘Mega” means big and esophagus means, well, esophagus. Therefore, megaesophagus is exactly what you think it is; it’s a big esophagus. But if you want to know a little more about megaesophagus and why it is a problem, keep on …

Mouthing, Nipping, Biting in Puppies

What to do when you have a mouthy puppy.

Why is my puppy nipping and biting? Mouthy biting behaviour in puppies

Although often thought to be a teething behavior, nipping, mouthing and biting in young dogs is generally a form of social play. Teething is more likely to involve …

Myasthenia Gravis in Dogs

What to do when your dog has myasthenia gravis

Perhaps it started when your dog stopped wanting to go for long walks. You thought that maybe it was just getting old. But then it started having trouble even walking around the house, and began to look exhausted and shaky …

Nature vs. Nurture

How both nature and nurture affect cats & dogs

‘Nature versus Nurture’; almost everyone has heard of this debate. But what does this phrase actually mean? Why should we take into consideration both nature and nurture when choosing a pet? How can we make the most of both categories …

New Dog at Home

You just brought your new dog home - what you need to know.

Today’s domestic dog is still closely related to the wolf. Like all wolves living in a pack, dogs must be part of a stable family and feel safe. Most domestic behavioral problems occur when the dog is confused about how …

No Kill Shelters

What is a no kill shelter?

In an ideal world, all animals waiting at animal shelters would quickly find good homes. In a perfect world, there would be no need for animal shelters. We obviously do not live in a world of perfection, but animal lovers …

Noah’s Ark and the Wet Nose

Excerpt from What Do Dogs Know by Dr. Stanley Coren

Noah’s Ark and the Wet Nose
(Excerpt from What Do Dogs Know) – Dr. Stanley Coren

“…Any discussion of dogs’ sense of smell ultimately leads to the greatest, most imponderable question about dogs — the question that nags at children …

Normal Dog Behaviour

Normal dog behaviour versus our desired behaviour. By Julie Sansregret AHT and dog trainer

Normal dog behaviour versus man’s desired behaviour – Unemployed dogs – Dog article on

The symbiosis between man and dog goes all the way back to the earliest days of human evolution. Both were governed by a complex …

Obesity in Dogs

Dangers of obesity in dogs

Obesity is one of the most common nutritional medical disorders affecting companion animals, with approximately 24-40% of pets being classified as overweight. Obesity is defined as an increase of over 20% above the optimum body weight. Reasons for this include …

Over-vaccinating Cats and Dogs

You are probably in the habit of taking your pet to your veterinary clinic for vaccinations every year. You might be surprised the next time you go to the vet, because vaccination protocols are gradually changing. Some veterinarians are starting …

Paralysis of the Larynx

Dogs and Laryngeal Paralysis - Paralysis of the Larynx - symptons and treatment

A trip to the veterinary clinic is not always fun. It’s even less fun if you’re rushing your dog in as an emergency. One moment your dog is happy, healthy, and running around; the next moment it has collapsed on …

Pet Food – Choosing Dog and Cat Food

A short article on how to choose a pet food

Shopping for your pet’s meal can sometimes be as confusing as shopping for an electronic device such as a cell phone. Which one is the best? Am I getting a good deal? Is there any fine print? How reliable is …

Pet Loss – Grieving for Pets

How to achieve closure when your pet had died

Losing a cherished pet can be a very painful experience. Many non-pet owners do not understand the grief that one can go through when losing a pet because they underestimate the magnitude of the human-animal bond. Grieving pet owners often …

Pet Phobias

Describing and treating phobias in cats and dogs

Dark skies and rumbling thunder is often a stressful time for many dog owners. In all likelihood, it is even more stressful for the dogs themselves! Fears and phobias in our companion animals are more common than one might imagine, ranging from fear of loud noises and new places to the fear of people and other animals.

There are many different components and reasons for a fear response in an animal. It can be an innate response, meaning that it is genetically programmed into the animal’s behaviour, such as fear for a predator. If there is a lack of proper socialization to different people and environments when the animal is young, it may be fearful of unfamiliar situations when it is older.

Pet Prescriptions

Prescriptions for the family pet

Pet Prescriptions 101

Most of us that have visited a family doctor are familiar with the drill: after taking a careful history and making a working diagnosis, your doctor scribbles down some words on a pad and hands it to …

Pet Travel – Traveling Cats and Dogs

Traveling with dogs, cats or other pets. An in depth article

Many people love to travel. One worry that always crosses a pet owner’s mind is how their pet is doing back at home. Is he/she adjusting well? Is he/she being well taken care of? Some pet owners just feel lonely …

PetLoss – Talking to your Kids

Telling your kids that your pet has died

“A pet can be a child’s best friend,” says Cheryl Weber, a client counselor specialist at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana. The death of a pet can be a sad and confusing time for children as …

Pets Sitters

Choosing a pet sitter

Every dog owner knows that planning a vacation means more than booking a flight and hotel room. Equally important is booking the right boarding facility or dog-sitter to care for your pet while you are away. After all, we go …

Pit Bull Information

Information on pit bulls, Owning a pit bull and responsible ownership.By

By the Positive Pitbull Awareness Society

NOTE: Throughout discussions of the Pit Bull breed, you will notice two words repeated over and over again: Responsible Ownership. With media hysteria and BSL (Breed specific legislation), we good owners, find ourselves endlessly …

Postal Workers and Dogs

How to train your dog to behave with postal workers

It’s a phenomenon that we’ve almost come to accept as a law; dogs hate postal workers. Each day millions of dogs across North America scare the living daylights out of postal workers as they try to deliver our mail to …

Pregnancy and Cats and Dogs

What to watch for when you are pregnant and have pets. By Dr. Ian Sandler

Many women wonder what precautions they need to take around their pet when they become pregnant. Veterinarian Dr. Ian Sandler says the biggest risk to pregnant women is a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is a transferred mainly from cats.

Most …

Pregnancy and Dogs – Is My Dog Pregnant

Pregnancy signs in dogs - dog giving birth

What to Expect When Your Dog is Expecting

There are so many books at the local bookstore about pregnancy in people, but not a single resource on what to do when your most devoted Priscilla von Precious has found herself …

Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

What are probiotics - probiotics for cats and dogs

“Probiotics” is a general term used to describe bacteria or yeast that may potentially be beneficial to health when supplemented in the diet. Most probiotics used for humans and animals are normal inhabitants of the gut and they are often …