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Giving Medication to Pets

Your dog is sick – your cat is sick and you have to give your pet medication.

How do you give a pill to a cat or dog?

Pets will tend to resist being handled with force more than actually taking the pill. The trick is to use as little force and restraint as possible and to be quick!

Place your thumb and index finger just behind your cat’s upper jaw behind the canines (your finger will fit in the space behind the canines) and tilt the head upwards. This will cause the mouth to open allowing you to quickly insert the pill (medication) with your other hand. When inserting the pill you must be quick and make sure that you have tossed it far in the mouth near the base of the tongue.

Once the pill is inserted, close mouth shut and hold for a few seconds to make sure the cat will not spit the pill out. If it seems like the cat may be holding it’s breath (to spit out the pill as soon as it has a chance) blow on its nose this will force him to swallow.

If you have a difficult cat wrap the cat in a towel with only head sticking out before administering the medication.

For dogs use the same technique only you will have to put your hand in their mouth to go place the pill near the base of the tongue.

For those cats and dogs where it is impossible to give the medication, try to offer a very small amount of food or treat (or milk) with the pill hidden inside.
Chantale Robinson AHT,BS,MP

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