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Where Cats Sleep – Pet tip 250

Where Cats Sleep – Pet tip 250

One of the decisions that you’ll have to make when you get a new cat or kitten is where will it sleep? If you want your new kitten to sleep with you in your own bed then it should be no problem at all. Most kittens love sleeping with their owners and they will often press their bodies into yours for that warm cuddly feeling. If you’ve adopted an adult cat, it may take a little longer before the cat becomes comfortable enough to sleep in your bed. It may choose to sleep in another area of your bedroom, or it may choose to sleep in another room altogether. The trick is simple patience. If you are a kind and loving pet owner and interact and pet your cat, then eventually the cat will come around and likely jump on your bed to sleep when you least expect it.

If you don’t want your cat to sleep in your bed because of shedding, restlessness or other issues, then you have a few choices. You can place a cat bed somewhere in the house and hope that the cat will use it. You can just let the cat choose to sleep where it wants to while your bedroom door is closed for the night, or you can leave your cat in a closed bedroom for the night. By understanding a little bit about cat behaviour you can more easily entice a cat to sleep where you want it to sleep.

The fist thing to know is that cats are different than dogs. A dog will more easily accept sleeping in a dog basket of your choice. This is especially true if you put toys or objects with your smell in the dog’s basket. Cats like to sleep on elevated places. So if you place that 200 dollar luxury cat bed on the floor, your cat will likely shun it. Cats normally like to sleep on chairs, ledges, sofas and other high places. It makes them feel safe and secure. If you place the cat bed on a chair, in a corner then you have a better chance of your cat using it as the cat will likely feel safer that way. If you rub an old T-shirt on the cat so that the cat’s smell is on the T-shirt, and then put that T-shirt in the basket, that may help as well.

If this doesn’t work and the cat tends to scratch at your door, you may consider confining your cat to one particular room or area. If you do this please make sure that there is enough in the room to stimulate your cat as many cats like to play at night. Allow your cat access to a window so that it can look outside and keep itself occupied. Again make sure that there is an elevated space for your cat to lie on with comfy blankets and pillows for snuggling. You should of course bring the cat’s litterbox into that room just in case it has to do its business during the night. If you leave food out, make sure you place it away from the litterbox.

Hopefully these tips have given you some guidance on how cats like to sleep. Most cats, as mentioned in the first paragraph will eventually choose to sleep in their owner’s bed if allowed. If that’s not an option then just make sure they feel safe and secure wherever they choose to sleep, and everyone will feel good in the morning.

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  1. Avatar courtney says:

    my cat meows at night and we do leave it food and water the litter is clean but we have been letting him outside and well a stray keeps on swing by and well is my cat fights and the stray got in the house because we left the window open and the stray keeps coming backcould have the cat lived here before we moved in.

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