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Tip – 15 – Cat whiskers – what are cat whiskers for

at whiskers are yet another example of nature’s efficiencies. Cats usually have 24 whiskers, twelve (2 rows of 6) on each side of it’s face. They are thicker than ordinary hairs and root through the skin attaching to a highly packed cluster of nerve endings. Extremely sensitive to air movement and pressure, whiskers can detect an object’s presence from a distance, acting like radar. This is especially useful in low light when a mouse runs through the room, moving the air ever so slightly.

Whisker notes

  • Do not cut or trim whiskers – It will hinder one of your cat’s ‘sensing’ abilities.
  • If a whisker falls out, don’t worry another will grow in its place.
  • Cats have similar types of thicker hairs that act like whiskers, above their eyes and on the backs of their front legs.
  • Whiskers are good for determining the size of objects (holes/tunnels) your cat can crawl through safely without getting stuck.

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  1. Avatar Bryan says:

    So the vet cut off 1/2 of my cat’s whiskers for no reason. I was very upset when I saw this. Is there anything I can do to help him… I know it sounds dumb, but should I cut the other side to be even with the side they cut?

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