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Tip – 11 – Cats and Strangers

Cats and strangers in the house

Why do cats tend to gravitate toward those people that don’t like cats?
This is a common occurrence at house parties. A group of friends gather together at a house that has a cat. Sure enough there are cat lovers in the room, as well as people that don’t care for cats. Why then does the cat often choose to hang out near the person (or on the lap of the person) that doesn’t care for cats?

The answer has to do with direct eye contact. Direct eye contact or staring at the cat is a threatening sign for the cat. Of course all the cat lovers in the room are doing the staring trying to get the cat’s attention. On the other hand the cat ‘disliker’ generally avoids looking at the cat and is usually ignoring the cat. This makes the cat feel more comfortable and they will often approach that person. So if you are a cat lover and want the attention of a strange cat, maybe the best trick is to avoid the cat all together and see if it comes around.

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