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Tip 1 – Cat Litter Box – Trouble

If you have a cat litter box that has a top part with an opening that sits on top of the regular litter box , you may be experiencing occasional problems with the cat not defecating in the litter box. Cat owners usually get this style of litter box because the contents stay inside when the cat kicks the litter around. Unfortunately not all CATS like to use these boxes due to their enclosed feeling and the quick buildup of smell inside this type of litter box.

The solution is removing the whole top part in order to let the cat use the more ‘conventional’ open shaped litter box. In order to help catch the stray litter use another system like placing the litter box on a larger rubber mat. That will help to catch the stray pebbles of litter as the cat exits the litter box.

Litter box and cat urination problems are the primary reason cats are relinquished to humane societies. Most of these issues can be solved easily with some advice from your vet.

As always, follow the advice below in order
to avoid the vast majority of all litter box related problems.

- Scoop out the poop daily, and change all of the litter weekly. Cats like humans prefer a clean bathroom.

- Every cat should have their own litter box in a private and safe area in a multi – cat household.

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  1. Avatar Annie says:

    What’s more likely to cause a problem a dog eating plastic, silica cat litter or sharp dirty steakbones? My roomate’s dog is sick and he’s blaming it me for th. use of new crystal cat litter that he thinks the dog has consumed. Since it’s a closed cat box and blocked off from the dog so she doesn’t eat the cat poop I’m wondering how likely this is to cause gastric problems. We’ve only been using for a week and the clumping kitty litter is normally used, which she’ll consume from time to time.

    On the other hand, while the dog is 3, 2 plastic shoes and a large plastic container top have completely disappeared. Would the dog eating these be more likely to cause probelms?

    Plus he feeds her steakbones knowing they’ll cause diarrhea and she caches them under the couch until I find them and throw them out.

    Thanks for any informed comment on the most likely cause of her symtoms. I am worried.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      You should be worried!
      Please take this dog to a vet or at least call a vet ASAP.
      Anything that causes obstructions can be life threatening – makes no difference what it is or who is at fault .
      Good luck.

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