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Siamese Cats – Pet tip 108

Although many people will say that they cannot tell different cat breeds apart as easily as dog breeds, there are a few cat breeds that are easy to spot and one of them is the Siamese cat. Siamese cats originated in Siam, today’s Thailand and are one of the most popular exotic breeds of cat, primarily due to their grace, distinctive beauty and extremely social natures.

Although any individual cat can and does vary from its general breed description, in terms of their temperament, Siamese are known to be affectionate and intelligent and they form strong bonds with their human owners. They love to interact with humans both with games and through affection. They are inquisitive and many Siamese owners will say that they are mischievous as well. They make great lap cats and love to be cuddled and petted. They are also known to be fairly needy and require more human attention than other breeds of cat. Many Siamese are also ‘jealous’ cats meaning that they often attach to one or two people in particular and when those people show attention or affection to other animals or humans, this breed can react negatively. They are a very vocal breed with an extremely distinctive meow that sounds similar to the cry of a human baby. They have different calls and meows for the different things that they want.

In terms of their appearance, Siamese cats are often described as having points. What this refers to is the cat’s coloured markings. Most Siamese have a distinctive colour to their faces, tails legs and their feet. The most common area for the point to be noticed would be the ‘mask’ on its face. Common colours for these points include seal (almost black) chocolate (brownish) blue (really greyish) and lilac (pinkish grey). There are other colours to the Siamese such as red, but these colours are the result of breeding the ‘classic’ Siamese with other breeds. In terms of their body shape, Siamese cats are long and lean and are classically known as svelte. They have long whip – like tails and their ears are triangular shaped. Their eyes are deep blue and generally almond shaped.

In terms of grooming, due its short fur the Siamese is fairly easy to groom which makes it such an attractive breed to own. Due to this short fur though, the Siamese is most suitable to warm climates or to being an indoor cat. Brushing a few times a week is usually all that is needed, though most cats loved to be brushed daily. Bathing your Siamese is not usually necessary. Regular clipping of the nails should be done regularly as with all cats.

All of these characteristics contribute to the Siamese being one of the most recognizable and desired of all cat breeds.

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  1. Avatar Betty Resop says:

    my siamese is 13 yrsold,,for 2 months off/on she has been not using the litter box regular, has been eating more than usual, sleeping more,and looks to me as though shse is loosing weight.not active just curios as to what might be the problem besides old age.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      The signs you describe are NOT signs of ageing, they are signs of illness.
      Please take your cat to the vet immediately. 2 months is a LONG time to wait to see a doctor and cats are notorious for hiding their pain.
      Good luck!

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