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Expecting Kittens

Pregnancy signs in cats – cat is pregnant

Expecting kittens – Dr. Bruce Fogle DVM

  • Early on, there are few outward signs of pregnancy.
  • The cat may adopt a more serene disposition.
  • Sensible nesting activity begins.

Pregnancy in cats lasts about nine weeks, but during the first half of that time a typical expectant cat gives few clues that she is pregnant. She hunts, rests, and generally behaves normally.

Under the influence of progesterone, the hormone of pregnancy, and with an ever increasing weight in her abdomen, she soon moderates her behavior, gradually reducing her activity level and resting more.

Is my cat pregnant?

If you think your cat might be pregnant, the first check her nipples. These become more prominent and pinker by three weeks of gestation. By four to five weeks after conception, your vet will be able to feel golf-ball sized swellings in her abdomen. At this time the developing fetuses are usually quite easy to count. Shortly afterward, her belly becomes a visibly enlarged.

Multiple fathers

Unplanned breeding of pedigree females by both pedigree and non-pedigree males, producing litters of both purebred and crossbred kittens, confirmed what breeders had long expected: a litter may be sired by several males. This could have a survival potential for the offspring.

In large cats, such as the lion, when a new male takes over a pride, it is not uncommon for him to kill all cubs sired by the previous dominant male.

The frequency of infanticide in domestic cats is unknown, but at least one highly respected world authority, zoologist David MacDonald of Oxford University, England, has observed a strange male cat enter a communal nest among bales of hay and kill six kittens belonging to three mothers before the cries of the survivors brought the mothers running back.

Risks during pregnancy

The greatest risk to unborn kittens occurs during the first three weeks of development in the womb. Both drugs and infections might seriously impair healthy development. If, for example, the mother is exposed to feline infectious enteritis (FIE, or panleukopenia) at this time, the surviving kittens will be born with severe brain damage. Even exposure to live panleukopenia vaccine is dangerous. Cats should be vaccinated before they are pregnant, to increase the amount of passive protection they pass in the first milk to their kittens.

Never vaccinate pregnant cats to increase the level of inherited protection. Never vaccinate other cats in the household of a pregnant cat. Live vaccine virus can be shed by vaccinated cats and affect the pregnant cat’s fetuses.

Pregnancy and hormones

During pregnancy, the production of progesterone rapidly increases, peaking at around the 35th day after conception. This induces the more serene disposition of pregnancy. At the same time, the belly starts becoming visibly more rotund.

Pregnancy can be as short as 57 days or as long as 70 days, but a few days before birth the female becomes restless and searches out her chosen shelter.

She rearranges her bedding material and spends increasing amounts of time in her chosen nest. This impregnates the region with her own scent, something that will eventually help her kittens orient themselves toward home.

As birth approaches, the mother loses her appetite and restlessly paces in the nest until contractions begin.

Pregnancy checklist

  1. Do not even think of breeding from your cat unless you know you can find homes for the resulting litter.
  2. Do not breed from your cat until she is emotionally as well as physically mature.
  3. Ensure that your cat is well nourished during pregnancy, and especially after, during her period of milk production.
  4. Test your cat and the proposed father, to ensure they are not carriers of viral diseases such as FIV or FeLV.
  5. Do not let your cat “follow nature’s course” and breed with a feral tom. Feral toms are excellent breeders. They are also the most likely source of life-threatening infections such as FIV, FeLV, and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP)

Cats do not become visibly pregnant until after about five weeks. Shortly before this time, your vet will be able to tell you how large the litter will be.

A few days before birth, a pregnant cat will begin looking for a good nest, which she will scent-mark. This will help her newborns recognize home.

Excerpted with permission from Cat Owner’s Manual by Dr. Bruce Fogle published by Dorling Kindersley Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. You can purchase the Cat Owner’s Manual at

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  1. Avatar keely says:

    thanks alot this really helped me during my cats pregnancy.

  2. Avatar scott says:

    My cat has been progressively shedding, since the beginning of the shedding. is this a problem? she’s at the stage where her abdomen has enlarged a considerable amount. please help! i’m worried.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Cats shed – that’s just what they do. They often shed MORE when they are in direct sunlight regardless of what season it is.

      I do not understand the connection between enlarged abdomen and shedding….

  3. Avatar Kellie says:

    Hi. i was given a cat a few months ago when she was 7 months old, and had just had a litter of 4 of which none survived. could this have been because she was too young or not mature enough to birth live babies? Also i think she may be pregnant at the moment, as she eats pretty much non-stop but is not fat as such. Her belly is quite big but not overly so, if pregnant, she would only have a week or so remaining. For a very placid and affectionate cat, in the last day or so has started attacking me when i try to give her affection. Is this common during a feline pregnancy?
    And what can i do to make her more comfortable during this time, if she is indeed pregnant?
    Thanks :)

  4. Avatar Kathryn says:

    Hi- I have just been adopted by a cat.
    For 3 days I thought it was a lost overweight domestic male- but some of the behavior patterns allerted me to the possiblility it was a female and very pregnant…
    Imagine my surprise.
    She is quite fat- by that I mean width not necesarily actual fat.
    Is there anyway to confirm she is infact A female and B. Pregnant? I checked for the above signs- but her nipples are not pink nor enlarged….I tried to palpate her stomach, but I really don’t know what I’m doing.
    She is very friendly now- is that going to change?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Please take the at to the vet so you can be sure everything is okay. Please also condsider spaying the cat. Good luck.

  5. Avatar Tess says:

    So my cat has been pregnant for awhile now but i dont exactly know how far along she is. Im guessing she might be anywhere between 7 or 8 weeks. She’s VERY big and has been lying around and grooming herself alot.(especially in the past couple of days). Late last week i did notice her kittens moving around in her stomach and theres not alot of fur around her nipples anymore. Shes alot more affectionate towards us now, to the point where she turns over and lets us rub her tummy. Despite all these late pregnancy signs, i havnt really noticed her nesting. I have seen her searching through closets but she dosnt really have a favorite place which is why i think shes not as far along as i hoped she would be. I did make a box for her with old towels and newspapers but she didnt really seem too interserestd in it…is it possible she will choose a spot last minute?

  6. Avatar Brittany says:

    I have 11 month old female cat. She has already had one heat about 6 weeks ago and I have been waiting for her second session to start but it nothing has happened. she is scheduled to get fixed next week. But now im getting a little concerned with the fact that she hasnt went back into heat, she managed to get outside on me about 3 weeks ago. Could she be pregnant? and is it normal to for her heats to be this far apart? Also im not seeing any visible signs of pregnancy after 3 weeks should she be?

  7. Avatar Mary says:

    my little one was cared for by the Humane Society after a plane hit our house & we were told that they spayed her, however she is very obviously pregnant. From what I have read on the internet I am guessing around 9 weeks give or take a day or 2. It is very easy to feel kittens squirming around & I can feel at least 2 possibly 3 “lumps” in her belly. I have noticed that her belly is slightly warmer than the rest of her & was wondering if that is normal or if I should have her looked at by a vet. The kittens are quite active & I am afraid she will probably have them before I can even get her to the vet anyway since they are making appointments for next week already. I am restricted with transportation & there is only 1 vet within the radius I can travel with my power chair. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks

    • Avatar Marko says:

      The cat should see a vet before birthing if you are concerned. I don’t know where u live but many cities now have mobile vets that come to your house.
      Perhaps do an Internet search for your area?
      Good luck – Marko

  8. Avatar kyla says:

    Hi, I have been adopted by a young cat, she turned up about 2 weeks ago and we have been looking for an owner, but nobody has come forward, so it looks like she’s staying. When she arrived she was thin (not overly so) and very active, now she has got quite round in shape to the rear of her abdomen and likes to lie on the sofa watching tv. I think she may be pregnant. She is very young, i would say less than a year old, and she keeps “stealing” our neighbours 8 week old kitten.
    I have been feeding her kitten since I’ve started to suspect. How far along could she be? I don’t want to feel for kittens as i don’t know what i’m doing. I’m going on holiday in a few weeks, will she be ok in the cattery? I have 2 dogs and 3 cats (all mine are spayed, as will this one be when her kits are weaned) and they will be going to kennels/cattery the week i’m away, but I don’t want to have to move a nursing queen and little ones.
    Any advice appreciated.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I highly recommend posting this same question on our bulletin board. (It’s free).
      You’ll get a much better back and forth that way.

  9. Avatar kyla says:

    That was ment to say kitten food by the way. The dry complete stuff.

    Also is it right that i shouldn’t get her vaccinated if she is expecting?

  10. Avatar giavonni says:

    i have a cat who had kittens 18 weeks ago ive now noticed my cats belly getting larger but i cant figure out how to tell if shes pregnant her nipples sag fro the last litter the kitten weve kept still likes to get a drink now and then so im so lost on what to do

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Your cat could well be pregnant again. What you should do is take her to a vet and get her spayed. This site is a Pro spay and neuter site because millions of cats are put too sleep every year simply because nobody wanted them. Please help this problem by spaying your cat.

  11. Avatar Paula says:

    hello. My cat is 11 month old and managed to escape when in heat two weeks ago, I am a little concered she might be pregnant as only a week before her heat she had her first of her vaccinations. She is due to have the second injection in a week, now i’m not sure whether too or not with the risk of hurting possible unborn kittens!

    Any advice here would be great.

    Thank you,


  12. Avatar Mary says:

    well we had a healthy delivery & the info provided here was extremely helpful. we had 4 babies 9/1/11

  13. Avatar Angie Violett says:

    Hi. I was coming home yesterday when a cat ran up to me meowing. People are constantly dumping cats at my apartment complex. It was raining so I took her Inside. She is overly friendly and isn’t shy towards me or my boyfriend. She’s very vocal as well. She’s rather thin but I noticed that her nipples are sagging but they’re very full. I was wondering if she’s possibly pregnant or if she has had kittens. And if she’s already had them is there a way to tell by her body how long ago she had them. And also if she’s had them recently will she still take care of them since I’ve taken her in? Because I let her outside about three times last night just in case she did have kittens outside somewhere and she would disappear for a couple hours and then come back to my patio. If you could give me advice it would be greatly appreciated!

  14. Avatar Rachel says:

    Hi my cat mated with our male cat at the beginning of December 2011 and she is starting to get rather round i was wondering if she was pregnant i have looked at many sites but don’t seem to no what im lookin for can someone please give me some advice

  15. Avatar Erin says:

    I have a female cat who is about 14 months old,
    A friend of mine gave her to me when she was 7 months old and said she was fixed so she has been an outside cat but more recently I have noticed her moods have changed, she sleeps all day long and eats nonstop. She’s began climbing into my cabinets and under my bed and I believe she is pregnant.
    From these signs how far along does she seem to be? I will be taking her to a vet to make sure if she is pregnant but because of her very long fur I cant see her nipples. Thanks!

  16. Avatar Cire says:

    Our cat is half persian and the father has no breed just a cat in the street . Is it not bad to our cat to deliver her kittens.?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Your cat should be spayed because there are too many kittens without homes. Them those kittens have kittens and the problem becomes an epidemic.
      But just like any human can mate with any other human, so too can any cat mate with any other cat.

      good luck

  17. Avatar chrystal francis says:

    my snickers was in heat the night before we left for hawaii and we stuck her outside. we think shes pregant cuz of her behavoir and the way she looks. her nipples have pinked and she is very wide in the tummy/abdominal part. she used to be quite hyper and kind of fisty. but now shes totally different. she is soooo affectionate and rubbs against my legs all the time and now sleeps on me.which is strange she is always so wipedout too now. all of these things and reading this article make me question if she is pregant. please help?! its been like 1 month since she was last in heat. also im kinda scared cuz when she wasn’t showing we let her out side and she got stuck in a tree for two days. this was like almost 3 weeks ago and i think snickers is about 5 weeks along. so she would have been 2 weeks along when she was stuck in the tree! is she pregnant? i want to be sure? thanx

    • Avatar Marko says:

      You’ll need to see a vet to be sure…but sounds like she’s pregnant.
      Please have her spayed after she delivers – shelters are full of cats that get euthanized daily.
      Sorry…but you posted your question on a VERY pro spay neuter website.

  18. Avatar nicky says:

    how many weeks is a cat pregnant and how many is a dog?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Due to the extreme overpopulation of both dogs and cats which leads to unwanted pregnancy all the time please consider spaying and neutering your pets.

      But to answer your question, the average gestation period for dogs is about 2 months (62 days give or take) and the average gestation period for cats is 64 days give or take a few days.

  19. Avatar chrystal francis says:

    thank you very much. yes we are to get her spayed after. thanx once again.

  20. Avatar chrystal francis says:

    i have to add we did follow the info and have found great homes for the kittens when their born

  21. Avatar Courtney says:

    Hello – i recently adopted a cat and i think she is pregnant. She eats very often and when she lies down her belly wobbles when she walks and when she lies down you can see it on both sides? should i be concerned that she might be pregnant?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      If she hasn’t been spayed and she goes outside and she has reached sexual maturity. You should be concerned yes.
      On this pro spay/neuter site, we recommend you get your kitty spayed.

      Good luck.

  22. Avatar Robin Harrington says:

    My cat who mothered about 7 weeks ago looks like she is having contractions again tonight. She has not been out of the house or been in heat since she had her kittens. The kittens left this past weekend and I have noticed that the father cat is around the house again. She has not gained any weight so there is no possible way that she is having kittens. I don’t know what to think about this. Is she going through depression or something since the kittens are gone now??

  23. Avatar Raechelle says:

    About the 1st of the yr a small black cat climbed in my car. She was screaming & hungry & refusing to leave. So my husband brought her home. We put her some food outside but she wanted inside & has never left since. I waited for an owner to.claim her but no one did & now she is very pregnant. I am concerned b/c she is so tiny. Honestly we thought she was just a kitten herself. I have a dog; should I put my tiny cat in a large kennel until she has the babies for safety? Like I said, she found us I wasnt prepared for kittens. I didnt even know she was pregnant; we thought she was gaining weight b/c she hadnt eaten in so long . Shes obviously a housecat; I hope her owners didnt dump her b/c shes expecting.

  24. Avatar Maddy with Allie says:

    So my kitty Allie is very well pregnant….She’s lazy and eats a bunch. Well her nipples are pink and saggy and i squezzed one gently today just to find that she is producing milk. I have her a section with a little fence, food a bed, toys. a litter box, everything she needs all together in our spare bedroom. Can anybody help me determine when we should be expecting babies? Weeks? Days? Hours? When? Thanks! –Maddy

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Only a vet can know at what stage your cat is at but 64 days or so is an average gestation period for a cat. Please spay her after the birth. Good luck.

  25. Avatar Kaci and Tabby says:

    Hi my name is Kaci and im 12 yrs old. My cat Tabby is pregnant right now. She was pregnant last time and all of her kittens survived. She had a liter of 4 and she had 3 girls and 1 boy. We kept the boy cat his name is Stewart and the three girls we had to give away. I dont know when she is going to give birth. She sleeps alot and her nipples are bright pink. I pet her alot but she wont let you touch her stomach really. Im just waiting to see when she will give birth. Can you give me more symptoms of what happens during cat pregnancy. She has been pregnant for awhile. And her stomach is big.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Only a vet can examine your particular cat and tell you how far along she is.
      Please spay the cat after the delivery as multiple litters lead to an exponential increase in the amount of cats and kittens that end up in shelters and end up euthanized because there are simply too many unwanted cats. Spaying your pet helps control this problem of epidemic proportions.
      Sorry – but this is a pro spay and neuter site.
      Good luck.

  26. Avatar Jodi says:

    We recently rescued what looked to be a rather small kitten who was wandering for days in the cold. She turned out to be pregnant, her kittens are beautiful and healthy and homes have been found for all. I have another female (who is fixed) and one of the kittens nurses from her for some reason. The mother doesnt seem to care at all, in fact she almost seems to encourage it. Is this normal behaviour?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      It’s not normal behaviour but i have heard of these things before. As long as the kitten is getting some milk from the real lactating mother I don’t personally see this as a huge issue.
      Good luck!

  27. Avatar jodie says:

    hi i have a 14 month old cat and i dont no wereever she is pregnant or not she is eating more and sleeping lots and her belly is sticking out a little on each side ive looked on other sites for tips and hints people say abwt there nipples pinking but hers arent pink they are sticking out but are a very pale pink she is a white cat wereever that makes a difference!!! and dont worry if she is pregnant they will all have loving homes and she will be getting spayed after this her first littler i wanted her to have one littler as they say it calms the cat down and she is very wired lol but is more chilled these days please get back to me marko and let me no what you think

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Honestly – the one litter calming down a cat is complete nonesense. It just contributes to more euthanasia at shelters when the babies of those cats have other babies and the cycle doesn’t end. Feel free to have this line of thinking confirmed by a vet. Sorry but we are a very pro spay/neuter site and this scenario contributes to the problem big time.

      Only a vet can tell you for sure if the cat is pregnant, but she may be exhibiting some of the signs form the description.
      Good luck.

  28. Avatar Raechelle says:

    I posted a while back about our rescued pregnant stray. She had 4 kittens. 3 are healthy, 1 is under a vets care. We have contacted Petsmart & they are going to take them as soon as theyre weaned.

  29. Avatar bby gurll says:

    hi my cat was in heat and when i opened the door she snuck out. My neighborhood is FULL of cats, lady next door feeds the strays, soo its about a week later and her stomach is getting hard, she loves being outside idk why but she just loves outdoors all of a sudden i was going to spay her but i didnt have a carrier or anything to take her to the vet, which is a requirement. So does she sound pregnant or do you need more details

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Only your vet can tell you for sure if she is pregnant. But if she was in heat and the neighbourhood is full of NON-fixed cats, good chance that she is pregnant. Also a VERY good chance that the shelters in your neighbourhood are full of cats and kittens that nobody wants and they will be euthanized. In order to help solve this problem, please spay your cat.
      Good luck!

  30. Avatar jodie says:

    why put up a site if all your going to say to people is only a vet can tell you and then have a dig at people for letting there cats get pregnant i thought this site was to help people no the signs of expecting kittens and to aid them not have a go my cat is well looked after and so will her babies be yes i understand the fact that alot of cats are put to sleep and are homeless but i no my cats babies will be well looked after i have a big family and all will go to them she has got a lot bigger since the last time i wrote on here this site isnt very helfull so people who WANT help

  31. Avatar bby gurll says:

    i will surely spay her my brothers cat (which is my cats sister) just passed away so they would love a few also they have friends that would love to have a kitten so i got good homes for them if she is. I think the neighborhood cats are fixed but im still afraid because i read that male cats can smell a female in heat from miles away but i will keep u guys posted!!

  32. Avatar tony says:

    i got my cat when she was about 8 weeks old and was thin. Now 5 months old she looks round around the belly especially from above. Is it possible that she is pregnant? She doesnt seem to eat more than usual but now she ventures down in the garden where she usually rests during the day. She also occasionally runs fast around the place especially up and down the stairs.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Only a vet can tell you if she’s pregnant but if she has not been spayed and hangs around un-neutered males….it’s fairly certain she will get pregnant if she is not pregnant now. Some cats can go into heat and get pregnant at 5 months. is pro spay neuter site because cats in particular are euthanized by the tens of millions each year simply because nobody wants all the offspring and the offspring of that offsping. They get collected at human societies and then euthanized after a short time. These are healthy cats being euthanized.
      Please do the responsible thing and try to help solve this worldwide problem by spaying your cat. Thanks and good luck!

  33. Avatar Emily says:

    So i have this one male cat that is waiting to be fixed. Unfortunatly the lady said it will take a few months to get to us. So thinking that he was a bit young i didnt think he wouldnt harm my younger female cat/kitten (she not a kitten but she is not a full grown cat either) but sometime last month or so i caught him so i seprated him from the others till the lady gets him fixed and the others fixed. Now Nala (the cat/kitten) has a hard tummy but below the tummy is soft and squishy feeling and it just hangs. I know what its like for a cat to be pregnat for sure but i just cant tell with her because she always has been a round kitty but some people say she is and a few said she may have worms. She plays alot and sleeps to and i dont find her eating that much but i just cant tell. Can some one please give me some info if she is?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Only a vet can tell you whats’s going on but there’s a good chance the cat is preggers.
      Not sure if you live in a one vet town, but I’d be looking for another vet asap because your unfixed male cat might well get other cats pregnant. ALSO, if she has worms….she needs to be treated by a doctor now, not in months from now.
      Good luck

  34. Avatar Kachiri says:

    My cat has supposidly been pregnant for a while now. The other day something came out. Looks like it could be sac or undeveloped fetus, I have no idea. She has been really different since. New sounding meows/cries. Started being friendlier and closer to me. Keeps leading me to follow her upstairs to the bedroom up there, where she has been spending alot of time now. She seems to want me to spend plenty of time with her. She was not like this before the day something came out She used to keep to herself and growl at her brother when he got near, now she’s been good with him often. Sometimes I see her leg shiver/twitching, when she’s laying down (on back, belly, side). I don’t know if I should worry, or if this is normal for pregnancy.

  35. Avatar Erin says:

    Kachiri, sounds like her mucus plug has come out and she is going into labor. Get ready because kittens will be there soon! And Marko, please give actual advice other than just saying the same few things over and over again. Go to the vet, I can’t tell you if she’s pregnant, sounds like it, and spay/neuter your animals. We come here for advice, and what your giving us is far from it.

  36. Avatar Linda says:

    My precious kitty is missing and I am worried sick. She is pregnant, but I’m not sure how far along. She has sizeable (not huge) nipples. She is a very tiny cat and if it weren’t for the nipples, you would never really know she is pregnant. She has a small tummy pouch. Anyhow, she is an outside cat, although she has a bed and food/water on our back porch. She can let herself in and out thru a cat door. She is very affectionate and always comes when we call her. Today is Thursday and we haven’t seen her since last Friday nite. There is also another cat (probably a male) that has gotten on the porch at nite and eaten some food. (We have never seen it in the daytime). We live in the country and have a huge barn. I have called and called for her and looked and looked. Do you think she went off to have the kittens, and if so, is it unusual that she is still gone after 6 days? Thank you.

  37. Avatar Jeannie says:

    I really think my cat is going to have some babys and if i did the math right then she should have them in about week n half. Her nipples have changed color to a bright pink and i do see a little movement in her belly and have felt a foot or leg. But she really hasnt gained any weight. She is on the smaller size for a cat anyway. But her belly isnt big like most cats. And around her nipples are getting puffy. Is it normal for her not to have gained weight? Thank you

  38. Avatar bby gurll says:

    well she wasnt pregnant afterall until a week later. grandma keeps letting her out and its making me very mad!!!! she is due anyday now but we dont know. we can feel them move, she has her first milk in, is layed out alot, pokes her head low and looks under places for a while. when should her kitte be here

  39. Avatar Eve says:

    Our cat is about 10 months old and has been through heat. Normally we do not let her out but she got out a couple times. We werent sure she was pregnant but we saw some of the early signs. Her nipples were large and pink and her stomach was hard. When I checked her stomach it was also quite large but I hadnt ever noticed the small fetuses forming. She is very friendly- much moreso than before- and eats alot. She has found a nesting spot, or so it seems. This is our first time with a cat and are not certain. We are not financial ready to go to the vet yet. She has had her shots and were are planning on spaying her. But should we act now or do you think shes pregnant?

  40. Avatar bby gurll says:

    Well she had them 3weeks ago. They are healthy eyes open and are starting to walk

  41. Avatar mysterysocks says:

    I’m honestly a little worried. My cat is obviously pregnant, (Swollen pot-bellied stomach, enlarged nipples with dried milk on the ends, usually trying to kill us if we pet her but now won’t leave us alone) but I don’t see any movement from her stomach like I’ve seen several other sites have mentioned. She will probably deliver within a few days. I’ve hard of if two manx cats mate, (She is a manx) the kittens will either miscarry, be born stillborn, die shortly after, or live with horrible birth defects. Is no movement normal? (Or semi-normal?)

  42. Avatar Katie says:

    Hello my name is Katie I have a cat called Buffy she is 1 in October she loves too play and cuddle recently she has seemed to get fat and she’s eating alot moor than usual plus she has been acting a little strange ( but we also have a male cat called Angel he is about 3 we had him done when he was younger ) so we don’t know if ate cat is just acting strange or maybe a fantom pregnancy plz anser because I hope she is Ok

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Impossible for us to know if she is pregnant…but if she’s not spayed, goes outside and is now gaining weight….logically this is very very possible.

      I hope the cat IS spayed though because unspayed – un-neutered cats and dogs are the reason that tens of millions of healthy animals are put to death in shelters every single year.

      If the cat IS spayed, then a vet visit is in order as some diseases can cause cats to gain weight.
      Good luck!

  43. Avatar Keri says:

    As I am dealing with the third pregnancy of my cat (no it wasn’t planned) I suggest to anyone with a pregnant queen you get her spayed when the kittens are 6 week regardless of weather or not she is still nursing. I was told my a vet that exclusively cares for cats that she would not go into heat again until the previous litter was weened. The previous litter is 15 week old and Kat is at least 5 weeks pregnant, possibly more. She is very big, nesting, her nipples are pink and engorged, and much more affectionate The kittens are still nursing when allowed which isn’t much in the last week as mom is now hissing and attacking her babies.

    Kat will be spayed when this new litter is 6 weeks old no matter what. She showed up on our door step a year ago and fell pregnant about a month later. The second litter was born when they were 24 weeks old.

  44. Avatar Faye says:

    We’ve taken in an abandoned cat (around 6/7 months old). We’ve had her here since friday, and been advertising for her owner, but upon discovering she’s pregnant, we suspect they will not be coming forward (but they are out there, as she is a massively affectionate cat, who has been litter trained, and clearly been handled). Her tummy is not overly huge, but we do think there are some in her, and her teats are large and pink, as well as producing milk.

    Should we be expecting kittens soon? As she is so young, is there a more of a chance we may lose any kittens she might have? Will we be at any risk to lose the mummy cat? We have the number for the emergency vet, should anything happen during birth, but is a bit terrifying! If we keep the mummy after her pregnancy, and nobody claims her, we will be getting her spayed at the earliest opportunity, to prevent any more pregnancies :/


    • Avatar Marko says:

      Thanks for taking in this preggo mum!

      Only a vet can tell you when the kittens are coming but cats stay pregnant for about 2 mos.
      Glad you will spay the mum if you keep her……Thanks for being so responsible.

      If indeed someone did abandon this cat – they they are a big part of the problem and shame on them. If I had the ability to punish them further…i would.

      • Avatar Keri says:

        I recommend getting the mum spayed when the kittens are about 6 weeks old. I currently have two batches of kittens, the first litter was 7 weeks old when the mum got pregnant again. I will be getting her spayed next week as the kittens will be 6 weeks old on the 31st.

  45. Avatar Stevie says:

    Hi MY cat went into labor around 4am signs of nesting purring some crying , around 8am heavy panting purring , strong contractions , around 10 I took her to the vet , to see if/what help they can offer. Once the doctor came to see her , she had already had 1 kitten hanging completely out , but she was not tending to it , seems more interested in the new brightly lit doctors room. The doc came in pulled out the baby and 1 placenta sac , he informed me that it was dead and then instantly started saying that he could do a C section surgery but they do not offer payment plans and the procedure can be expensive , he put her back in the nesting box I brought her in and took the box to the front desk at which time he said I can take her home and wait to see if she has more , but also there may be chance that if she doesnt continue birth to all kittens they can become toxic when decomposing inside. (this scared me) unfortuneatly I dont have the 400 + dollars the doctor quoted SO I was total of 5 minutes tops before exiting and being charged 35 for basically nothing. AS I got home 2 minutes from the vet , she instantly started birthing a second kitten , which was coming hindfeet first , I had to assist slightly after it seemed stuck for 5-10 minutes. so there are the details , here are my questions , 2 kittens within the same hour and now she has been resting she ate and drank some cried some and has been affectionate as well with some signs of sort of nesting in a darker secluded spot between 2 walls where insulation is nailed to each side …. its now probably abut 8 huors later , my main question is regarding any unborn kittens dead/alive still inside. Ive searched everywhere I would like to retain the rest of a 24 hour period to see if she will birth them naturally , but I also worry that if they are already dead how long before it becomes toxic and a danger to mother , I was planning on taking her to another vet for n Xray on monday if none are born , tomorrow is sunday and is highly impossible without the persuasion of high dollars which sadly I cannot , I hear u can also determine if they are dead and have them removed during a Spay surgery which may be cheaper than a c section , but most vets ive consulted havent botherd to mention the spaying they leap right to c section. Is it possible for vets to offer spay and removal of unwanted dead kittens placents , and how long does one have before mom is in danger is 24 hours after the 24 hour birth period too late ?

  46. Avatar theresia says:

    My Momma cat is pregnant due just any time. I kept 2 kittens from her last litter & she’s so hateful to them. I understand she’s preparing for new babies but she’s so hateful. I try to keep her separated as much as possible,is there anything else I can do?

  47. Avatar Hermione says:

    I have a slightly odd question, our female has gone into early labor and has had discharge etc. our male, the father has been trying to mount and mate with her. Is the discharge similar to a cats scent when in heat? He is acting like he HAS to mount her as if its life or death! And yes we have seperated them, and yes we will spay/neuter. This litter was intentional and will not be let loose to overpopulate the world further. She is perfectly healthy and we have no concerns for her lavor etc. I am just simply curious to the male cats behavior, thankyou.

  48. Avatar tracy says:

    I have a minx cat that has adopted us she is long hair she is an outside cat not sure if she spayedI think she belongs to somebody and they left her behind her front paws are declawed but not the back and one at night now she’s at 1&a half cans in the morningand one and a half cans at night see also is laying on the back porch more and wanting more attention from us I think she is pregnant but it’s hard to telldo to her long hair I cannot see her nipplesbut her abdomen is larger than it was when she first came to us please help not sure what to do

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Not sure what help you are asking for. Difficult to tell if cats are 100% pregnant unless they are brought to the vet. If the cat is exhibiting similar signs to the article then she is probably pregnant.

      Good lcuk.

  49. Avatar rachel and chimberlee says:

    hi, a few months ago i rescued an abandoned kitten/cat who was very underweight and enemic. i fed her for a while and then a male cat came along and got her pregnant. when the kittens were 8 weeks old, i was planning to get her spayed but she went on heat again and is now expecting any day. when should i get her spayed?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      You can get her spayed while pregnant or after the kittens have been delivered. You probably want to do this after kittens have been weaned as they need mom for food.
      BUT BEWARE – The cat CAN GET PREGNANT again while nursing so please don’t let any more accidents happen.
      Good luck.

  50. Avatar Madison says:

    My cat is pregant and has been moving around a lot she has been getting into a strange position with hurt legs up doing a walking motion and has been drinking a lot and making a meowing / purring noise is she in labor? She’s been doing this for the past 3days

  51. Avatar Elmo says:

    My cat was being so sweet and then just scratched me for no reaso why?

  52. Avatar Amber says:

    My cat is pregnant an she has been acting funny the past few days she likes to be with me all the time if I move she moves is that normal at the end of pregnencey with cats?

  53. Avatar jasmin says:

    so my cat is about 3 years old or so, she has had two litters, she usually is an inside and inside only cat but sometimes she will sneak through the door and run away for an hour or so. lately I have been monitoring her quite closely as she has been acting a lot different then usual. I know i should know by now, but she has about 3 golf ball type lumps in her stomach and i feel them and they feel like thick but flat (if that makes sense)

    So I have booked her in to get spayed in two weeks but am unsure if she is pregnant and am really eager to know. Is this just her skin going back into place, or is she pregnant or sick/


  54. Avatar Brandy says:

    Hi i took in a stray female cat about december.. was going to get her fixed etc.But found out she is pregnant. She has been acting weird for about 3 weeks now thought she was gonna have them by now. My question is that is my cat going into labor now? This is what she is doing. She is laying around sometimes affectionate & sometimes she wants u to leave her be. She is thirsty a lot & her legs look almost like shaking. Also she almost looks like sheis pushing them out or getting ready too. A couple of weeks ago looks like a mucus plug came out but still no kittens. Im now able to see the kittens inside her belly moving around & can feel them. She acts fine like she isnt but not sure how far along she is. I was raised with cats all my life & they didnt act like she is.. & yes she is getting fixed after these babies & i have talked to the vet about setting apt for her after she had them etc.. thanx..

  55. Avatar mandy says:

    i have a female cat who is due to have her 1st litter very soon.
    i wanted her to have 1 litter so she can experience being a mother.
    i am going to have her spayed after the birth, how soon after the birth should i have her done?

    i have homes for the kittens :)

  56. Avatar fifi`s mumma says:

    My 2 year old indoor cat got out for 4 days in april she has had a scan and pregnancy confimed and is due in the next couple days. But I’ve noticed that sometimes she doesn’t look pregnant just bk to her normal self then some days she’s really big and sleeping all the time she’s has not eating much the last couple days her nipples ain’t that big they still have some fur on them but not a lot I personally haven’t seen the kittens moving but others have. Anyway I’m worried something has happened to the kittens because she looks really skinny sometimes should I be worried and take her to a vet xx