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Does your cat need protection from rabies?

(NC)—According to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the answer is an unqualified ‘yes’. Recent statistics show that 75% of Canadian cats are not vaccinated against the deadly rabies virus.

“With increasing development, rabies virus carriers, such as skunks, bats, racoons and foxes, are increasingly entering urban areas, bringing them closer to our pets”, says Dr. Nigel Gumley of the CVMA. The problem does not stop with our pets. The transmission of rabies to humans is also a public health concern. A Nova Scotia family of four was treated for rabies earlier this year after being exposed to the disease by their cat. In another incident, an apartment cat in Saskatchewan caught an infected bat on the balcony. Rabies can affect a person’s central nervous system with fatal results.

The “Hunted Hunter” feline rabies awareness program provides cat owners with a quick guide to understanding the risks that their cat may be exposed to. Pet owners are encouraged to ask their veterinarian about the “Hunted Hunter” program and to discuss how to best protect their cat.

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