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We are so glad you found the blog. In order to avoid confusion we should tell you right away that this blog has two main categories; podcasts and blog posts. Podcasts contain audio or video files with some text explaining what the podcast is about. Blog posts contain mostly text and sometimes text and images. Both the blog entries and the podcasts are produced primarily by Marko, one of the owners and administrators of The other owner/admin is Dave and although he may blog or podcast in the future, he prefers to let Marko do all the hard work. [ ; ) wink ]  This blog is dedicated to pet information but it will also feature our personal opinions and points of view. Most visitors that encounter us through the site and bulletin board usually deal with us on an administrative level, when they have problems. That’s okay and that’s we are here for. Hopefully though, through the use of this blog, visitors to will get a better feel for who we are as people, easy going pet loving people. has become a very popular resource for pet information and we couldn’t be happier. We have been online since 2000 providing practical pet information. Thousands of people visit daily to get answers to their common pet related questions and this has always been the primary goal of this site. Along the way quite a few people have helped us out. These people include the veterinarians, trainers and other specialists we have associated with. The moderators of the bulletin board help us out every single day and we can’t thank them enough. Our site has become popular with the pet rescue and adoption community with many of these selfless people coming to our bulletin board each day and helping others by answering questions and trying to place unwanted pets. Mitch Joel of Twist Image who has his own podcast called Six Pixels of Separation has provided us with invaluable advice over the years. Julien Smith has an irreverent podcast called in over your head (be warned – lots of fun four letter words) and has also given us great advice recently and helped customize the design of this very blog.  Mostly though, we’d like to thank YOU, our visitors for coming to our site and hanging out when you do. Many of our visitors are bulletin board regulars who help out thousands of others by answering questions and contributing to the bulletin board. 10,000 thank-yous to our unbelievable members and curious pet loving guests!

We hope you enjoy this new blog and our podcasts. Please comment and provide feedback whenever you can through this blog, through the bulletin board or by using our new comment line at 206-666-4187. You can even call that number for free by using Skype.

Thanks so much for being part of our community!



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  1. Avatar Bjgaetz says:

    My dog was stung more than 10 times by wasps about 5 or 6 weeks ago. On his chest and belly, he still has oozing sores and scabs. Initially he seemed to be ok, but the sores got worse over time. He has one in the pit of his front leg that is very red and raw from his licking and scratching. Is there anything I can put on it that is safe?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      There probably is, but at this point it should be looked at by a vet. Maybe it’s infected and a vet will prescribe the right treatment. This should probably not be expensive. Good luck!

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