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The right breed of dog for you is…

The right breed of dog for you is…

Didn’t think the answer to that question was that easy, did you? The right breed of dog really depends on each individual’s needs and preferences. There are several criteria that you can look at when deciding on a breed, which include (but not limited to) size, color, amount of shedding, amount of grooming required, temperament, energy level, exercise requirements, playfulness, affection level, friendliness towards other pets, ease of training, and protection ability. Lots to think about, huh? But isn’t it great that you actually have all these great choices before selecting your future family member? Imagine the possibilities!

There are various sites out there that can assist you with your breed selection, offering you quizzes and such to help you narrow your search. Our pet forum also serves a wealth of information to find that perfect fit for you. Take a look!

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  1. Avatar Bob says:

    Yep, very true. A Dog Breed which has been bred to herd sheep in the mountains is really not suitable for city and apartment life.

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