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Scared of the tub

Scared of the tub

For some reason, bathing a dog is one of the most unpleasant tasks that comes along with owning a dog  (for most owners anyhow). Some dogs will bark incessantly, shiver, whine, claw at the side of the tub, and even do their business in the tub – generally acting as if the world is ending.

Some dogs actually have allergies and skin sensitivities that water, shampoo, and/or soap will aggravate. They will put on quite the show to avoid this aggravation. Other dogs may simply have a fear of being in an ‘enclosed’ tub space. Others have a fear of water being poured on them. Other dogs are frightened of the surface that they must be in/on,  as the surface can get slippery and this causes anxiety in some dogs.

It’s important to identify why your dog is behaving in such a manner, and to help it be more comfortable with bathing; from buying special shampoos, to placing anti-slip grips on the tub floor. To help your pet, understand the source of its fear. Then take the necessary steps  to remedy the situation.

For more information and tips on bathing phobias in dogs, follow the link to the thread on our pet forum.

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