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Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

Some dogs have a condition we refer to as ‘reverse sneezing’; reversed as the dog is rapidly pulling air into its nose. This is different than a normal sneeze where we rapidly push air out. This quick inhaling of air is followed by rapid and long inhalations. This is quite alarming to dog owners, especially at first but once we get used to it,  it becomes a part of our four legged friend’s daily activity.

Yet what is the reason for this peculiar sneezing? While the actual cause is unknown, many experts believe it is caused by an irritation, or slight swelling of the soft palate, and further may be the result of an allergic reaction due to something in the environment. In these cases, a vet may prescribe an antihistamine. Other times when it may be more likely to occur is when the dog is excited or on a leash.

Here are a few simple at home tricks that may alleviate the sneezing woes:

~Massage your dog’s neck by gently getting it to swallow.
~Hold your dog’s snout & blow a gentle & short burst into its nose.
~Pinch your pup’s nostrils and force mouth breathing.

If you are uncertain if your dog is reverse sneezing, or if you are concerned for any reason, then do not hesitate to call your vet for further investigation.

After all, this matter is nothing to sneeze at.


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  1. Avatar Frank says:

    This same thing happens to my little four pound Chihuahua. The vets says it’s fine – but it sounds like shes hyperventilating every time she gets excited. I really concerns my girlfriend, but we’ve taken he to the doctor and they say it’s reverse sneezing.

    Can we use these breathing methods on a small breed dog?

    My little cutie can be seen on my myarfie page –

    She’s a little angel and we want to do our best to keep her healthy – any advice is appreciated.


  2. Avatar Melanie says:

    Our dog does this as well. The first time it happened I thought that she was choking on something. Our vet says that it is reverse sneezing and that we have nothing to worry about.

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