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Potty Training Dogs

Potty Training Dogs

Some dogs get it… when they want to do their business, they need to go to the back door and sit/whine/bark/ring a bell/etc. But some dogs, just don’t get that their owners’ floors are NOT an acceptable spot for ‘relief’.

So let’s get around this, shall we? To start, watch for signs that your dog needs to go. Put him out often, until he realizes that outdoors equals a good place to ‘go’. Praise him continuously when he does go. If he does make a mistake in the house, and you catch him, don’t get angry, but rather give him a firm no, and take him outside immediately. And certainly make sure to clean up all indoor accidents with a strong enzyme cleaner to take away the smell – if not, the smell will continue to entice your pet to use that spot as his personal bathroom. Be positive and consistent towards your dog, and your white carpets will thank you.

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  1. Avatar jennismortal says:

    About Me potty training dogs involves a long process, but this will help your pet to understand that there are things he should do at his best to help him acquire a sense of responsibility for his actions. It is important that you are with him and make him feel special during training, so that he will feel that you are doing the best for him.
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