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The endless sea of hair… it seems to come back to haunt you JUST when you’ve finished vacuuming. First thing’s first. Getting laminate flooring to replace your carpet will help with the ease of cleaning the pet hair. But if you can’t invest in new flooring just yet, investing in a pet specific vacuum will do wonders.

There are a few pet-specific vacuums out there that focus on picking up pet hair with such ease and grace, you’d be astonished; Dirt Devil, Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Dyson Animal – just to name a few. A few ‘must knows’ before buying your vacuum:

~If your pet has long hair, you’ll want to stay away from vacuums that use rollers since hair can easily become entangled in them.
~HEPA filters are great as they help to reduce dander and other irritants from your carpet.
~Sticking with bags for your vacuum is ideal if you plan on using any type of carpet powder before you vacuum.
~Pet hair has a stubborn way of sticking onto your furniture and carpeting, so the more amp strength the better.
~Choose a vacuum with a short hose, as longer hoses permit more room for pet hair to become clogged.

And say good-bye (at least for a little while) to pet hair! For more info on vacuuming pet hair check this link out in our pet forum.

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  1. Avatar Mr. B's Air Duct Cleaning says:

    Great information. Also consider getting rid of the dander and irritants that are already in your air ducts by having them thoroughly cleand.

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