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Pet dogs need to live indoors

Just received this email today and felt I had to post this.
“We wanted to find out some information regarding owning a Husky. Is this dog able to stay outdoors in the summer time also is it acceptable during the winter time, here in Ontario. Please advise.”

I answered this way:
“Dogs are social creatures and leaving them outside alone for long periods, day after day is not fair to the dog. Please let your dog live in your home all year long where it can interact with its human family (its pack).”

Just so its clear, of course dogs can spend some time outside alone, but please also take the dog’s best interests into account here. If the dog is in a fenced backyard where it is safe, has a few toys and likes the outdoors, then sure let the dog hang out outside for an hour a day, maybe two. Better yet – interact with that dog while it is outside.

Please don’t let your dog LIVE outside. That’s just not fair to the dog. In terms of huskies in particular, yeah we’ve all seen movies where the huskies lived outside in Alaska or some other cold place. BUT those are working dogs, and even if they did live outside, it was with OTHER pack members. You cannot compare this situation with a residential home in Ontario.

Do others feel the same way?

4 Responses to this Article, So Far

  1. Avatar Natascha says:

    I don’t disagree that your dog should be a part of the family, but as an owner of a very big dog, that is from a working breed, some dogs prefer outdoor life. If my dog is inside too long, she paces and pants. She would really rather be outside pacing her borders, keeping her pack safe. It’s all about the type of breed. Certainly no dog should feel left out, or left out in the cold, but let’s not judge people with dogs outside, within reason.

  2. Regarding Siberian Husky’s, keeping them inside or outside. I have been the owner of this breed for many years now and probably like many other owners of this breed will agree with me. before you get one, LEARN all you can about them for they are very different to other breeds. The working dogs up North do live outside with their pack, summer and winter. Sibes are not disposed to being left outside heat. They can tolerate winter temps, but need a pack, in the case of owning a single Husky, you are their pack (their Alpha)In simple words, for the PET Husky they should be part of your family indoors and outdoors as they WILL request.If you are working, it is not the breed to be left all day while you are at work, they have demands and if not handled properly you could come home from work to a home with a Husky who got BORED. Many people will tell you all kinds of things on this breed and only you can decide. Good luck, they are wonderful animals but do require masses of Exercise SUMMER at 530am when cool and winter in all weathers and temps to. There are no exceptions, always on a lead, I run mine on 100ft lines.If off the lead, maybe Ok till they see a rabbit for example, then its sorry GOTA GO !!!They will and can run for twenty miles or more and then wonder where you are, result LOST !! Again as for inside or outside, both and they must and will want to be part of your family in every day life.Please if you need any further information or pictures to not be afraid to E mail me at

    Before closing there are many who will not agree with me, it is a personal decision with strong ground rules, so for those who want to argue, don’t E mail ME !!

    Best of luck and on behalf of all Sibes,
    Thank you for caring.

    The dog’s are talking, we must listen.

  3. Avatar Schnauzers says:

    Great Post! Keep up the good work. Bookmarked your site for future reference.

  4. Avatar mastifflover says:

    Capt. John very well said. I agree !00% I have had giant breeds and medium sized dogs and neither wanted to be away from us. They would never, nor would I allow them to sleep outside.
    Since Huskies are runners I would never leave them outside alone they can jump a 6′ fence and will if there is something on the other side they want to see or chase. My dogs are my family and are treated that way.
    You never know when you will have a crazy neighbour who will try and harm your pet

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