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Pet allergies and pets

It’s extremely interesting to me that people with pet allergies, even severe pet allergies get pets. Our statistically insignificant poll that was just reopened suggests that 10% of those that answered are allergic to their own pets. I too am very allergic to my own cats. I suspect that many people just can’t live without pets and that’s why they choose to suffer; That’s certainly my reason. It’s well known that on average, people with pets live longer than those that don’t have any. However if you are allergic to pets and continue to live with them are you shortening your life? My guess…probably. I hope that for me and others like me, that even though the allergies take off a few years, having pets puts a few years back on so the net gain is zero. This means that we won’t live longer, but we’ll have a better quality of life. Of course any allergist will say that’s hogwash. But that’s what I’m sticking with. Ignorance IS bliss – especially when you can cuddle up with the furbabies and indulge that ignorance while sneezing.

All kidding aside, if you are allergic to cats or allergic to dogs please don’t get any. The chances are EXTREMELY high that you will have to give your pet away….and the shelters are already busting at the seams.

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