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Let’s Talk Kitty Litter

Have you ever tried potty training a cat? Well if you’re like the rest of the world’s cat owners, you’ve given up and stuck with the fantastic world of kitty litter. Yet, what is the standard procedure for getting rid of the litter? And how often should it be changed? That all seems to depend on what kind of litter one chooses and how much you can tolerate odors.

Clay Litter, while the least expensive, don’t last long. Our feline friends tend to enjoy it, but it’s a tad difficult to dispose of since it’s not that friendly to the environment. Pine Pellets on the other hand seem to be taking precedence… it’s inexpensive, smells great, and both cats and cat owners alike are happy with the product. It can be changed on a weekly basis and dumped with the garbage, and YES, It is environmentally friendly! Wheat based litters are popular as well. While easy to dispose of, it is more costly up front. Yet since it doesn’t need to be changed as often, the cost benefits are certainly there.

So let your wallet and your nose by your guide for this one. Or if you’ve got patience, potty training may be your best bet.


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  1. Avatar Julie says:

    I’ve also tried wood shavings, the same as you would for a rabbit. Been using it for years, works great.

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