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Flying With Your Cat

Flying With Your Cat

If you think you’re afraid to fly, imagine how your cat must feel. Cats hate change and flying and airports are a big change that may cause your cat some stress. That being said, there are a few things you can do to provide comfort for your cat while flying.

Your vet can be a wealth of information, so be sure to bring up any concerns with him/her. You can even discuss the option of giving your cat a ‘relaxant’ that will make your cat sleepy during the flight. Take note of the food and drink you offer your cat before flying – try to minimize it as much as possible (without starving your cat of course) so your cat won’t need a bathroom break.

If possible, opt to bring your cat on board in a carrier so it can be close to you. Don’t worry about the tiny space – most cats prefer it, and it is comforting to them. Knowing you are right there next to them will calm their nerves and make a flight feel slightly less threatening to them. If an on-board carrier is not possible, and your cat must fly ‘cargo’, keep in mind the relaxant, and place a few familiar and safe things in the crate with your cat that associates with you or home. Check out the link on our pet forum for additional info.

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