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Eliminating a Litter Box

Eliminating a Litter Box

So you’ve decided that you’d like to eliminate a litter box in your household… after all, you’ve got 3 cats, so who needs 4 litter boxes? We’ll THEY might for reasons you may not even realize.

Cats, like humans, are creatures of habit. Take away a toilet in your home, and it would take some getting used to knowing you now only have one place to go. It’s a stressful event for a cat to loose its ‘place of comfort’, so be sure if you are going to remove a litter box, do it slowly; inch it away slowly from the room or put the other box(es) in a place where the cat hangs out a lot. Try it in this gradual fashion and it may work. If it does not work though and your cat starts eliminating where it shouldn’t…put it back. You tried.

Many cat experts feel it’s a general rule to have one box per cat plus 1 extra. However, this may not be deemed necessary if you assure you clean the litter box out with each use and change the entire litter in each box once a week.  Same principal as ‘flushing a toilet’. Gotta keep it fresh for the next guest! For more info on this topic check out this link from our pet forum.

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