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Dog Training Treats

Dog Training Treats

So many choices… so many options. But what to choose as a treat when training your dog? Although most dogs will accept any type of food given to them, a ‘training treat’ is different – it’s got to be something really worth their while. Dogs (just like people) generally work harder when they get ‘bonus’ treats.

Dog Training Tricks

There are a variety of pre-packaged treats you can find at your local pet or grocery store that work well as training treats. But there are simple foods at home that can serve as great treats your dog will adore and also be easy on the budget. Because in all honesty, the pre-packaged treats can get pricey. Cheese cut into tiny cubes, frozen blueberries/raspberries, sliced apples, and even pieces of cooked and cut up chicken or salmon work WONDERS.

The sky is the limit when it comes to training treats for your dog. But remember, not all treats will work the same way. Although carrots are great treats, they will always lose out to steak. For more tips and to contribute your own ideas visit our pet forum:

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