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Dog Shedding

Dog Shedding

Dog shedding is quite a concern among individuals who cares not to ‘wear’ their canine’s fur out in public. Imagine the look on a potential employer’s face if you would walk in wearing black pants covered with fields of white from your dog… not the greatest first impression.

What can be done for our canines’ coats then?

Possible solutions that may help, include: constant grooming, cod liver oil, vitamin E, Fish oil capsules, and de-shedding shampoos. Another possible solution is changing your dog’s food; many ingredients now in dog food can actually do more harm than good for our dog’s coats.

Every dog sheds at different levels, and thus what may work for one dog may not work for another. Experiment to find out what works for your dog, and rejoice when your black pants are ‘fur-free’.


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