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Do dogs know when their owners are coming home?

A few years ago I saw a T.V. show where dogs seemed to ‘know’ when their owners were coming home by rushing to the window well in advance of their owners actually coming home. They seemed to ‘sense’ when their owners were returning home even when they were kilometers away. The researcher was Rupert Sheldrake. Here is a podcast with Mr. Sheldrake that talks about his research.

A little while ago I was contacted by Peri Parker letting me know about a podcast that explores these types of phenomena. The following podcast discusses an experiment that tried to reproduce this phenomenon in a scientific way. The podcast does get into the nitty gritty of setting up this experiment. Whether you believe in these types of things or not, it sure is interesting. Here’s the link and there is a transcript from that link if you want to read instead of listen.

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  1. Avatar Linda says:

    I am most certain that they do.
    I believe they are much smarter than us humans.

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