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Crating 101 – Dog Crates

Crating 101 – Dog Crates

Purchasing a crate for your dog isn’t as simple as it seems. There are actually a few key requirements in buying a crate for your pet that you should keep in mind when making the buy. Typically your dog should have enough room to stand, and turn around. Purchasing a crate that allows for more than that is fine, but opt for those with an adjustable metal separation through it. This serves to ‘grow’ the space as your pet grows. Keep in mind however, that the crate should not be too large as dogs will start to do their business if there is enough space – especially puppies.

Many dogs also perceive their crates as their own personal space, and a secure space that they can retire to. So it’s a positive thing for both you and your dog – safety and comfort for doggy, sanity for you!

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  1. Avatar cindy says:

    I have recently adopted a rescue dog, he is beleived to be about 3 – 4 years old ,house trained, neutured and is generally a great boy, he loves ppl and other dogs. My question is about kennel training him for when I am at work during the day. Ive tried putting him in the kennel and he HATES it. It stresses him out so much, he barks and howls uncontrolably, ripped the bottom out of it, peed all over the floor and threw up everywhere. I was gone about 30 minutes :(
    I have started leaving it open when I am home, and have noticed he will go in more often on his own and will lay down, relax and rest in there now, I can even close the door as long as I am home. hen I leave he gets very upset. What am I doing wrong……any suggestions would be very appreciated.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      You never mentioned why the dog is crated for your whole working day.
      This sounds like separation anxiety to me. I encourage you to post this on our forum as we have quite a few people well versed in dog training.
      You’ll also get a better variety of answerers.
      Good luck

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