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Collars vs. Harnesses for Training

Have you ever seen a sled dog pull a sled? And if so, have you ever taken a closer look as to HOW they are pulling the sled?  They are pulling while wearing  a harness. That’s right – not a collar, a harness.

Seems that most dogs nowadays are being walked and trained with collars; everyday collars, chain slip, and prong collars being the most popular.

We all know a dog can be walked on a harness, but can a dog be trained solely on a harness?

A harness actually distributes the weight around a dog’s body as it pulls, preventing the choking effect that collars can have on the more vigorous tuggers. This type of restraint is also ideal for those dogs that wheeze, snort, and cough more than other dogs – those who really shouldn’t have the additional pressure of a collar. Some breeds are also at risk for trachea problems, and truly should not have a restrictive collar used on them.

Training a dog with a harness obviously uses different training techniques than dogs trained on collars, but it can be done. Just remember that each dog’s temperament, breed, and weight differs, and thus so should their training methods and equipment. Get to know your dog. Learn how it will react to different collars and harnesses. Which will adapt to both him and you.


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  1. Avatar mastifflover says:

    Good article. I have used both methods and it really depends a lot on breed. My Neo was trained with a harness and pinch collar. He did great with the two. After he wore a plain leather collar. Clark I tried a harness and being a American Bulldog it had the exact opposite effect he pulled harder and was later talking to an AB breeder and said it is not the method for these guys they were bred to work you put them in a harness and they will pull. So back to the martingale for him which is working much better. My Bloodhound harness was the best for him. So I think breed is one of the major factors. I do not get the harness on a 5 pound dog like they are going to pull you down the street.

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