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Cesar vs. Brad – Who wins the title of trainer champ?

Britney vs. Paris… ketchup vs. mustard… Cesar vs. Brad? Indeed, that is the big question arising from dog owners: Whose animal training methods are better?

Brad Pattison has a prime focus on human behavior rather than animal demeanor. He is somewhat confrontational in his methods but gets the job done. Cesar Milan (a.k.a. the DOG WHISPERER) focuses on training owners to treat their pets as pets and NOT as humans… a mistake most pet owners make. His belief is focused on leadership, body language, and control, in order to get pets ‘back in line’.

So who reins the title of trainer champion? Well, that all depends on who you ask, and what type of personality the animal has. There is not one fit for every pet, nor every owner. Bottom line; Take what works for you and leave the rest.


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