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3 signs of canine ear infections

3 signs of canine ear infections

Many dogs, especially dogs with floppy ears, develop ear infections in their lifetime. Common causes for ear infections include moisture in the ear, (either from the ear not breathing because the flap closes it or from swimming) and allergies (both food related and environmental).

Generally when your dog has an ear infection, you’ll notice a few changes that may include;

1 -  The smell of ear. If the smell is very pungent, your dog likely to has an infected ear.
2 -  The look of the ear. If the ear has brown waxy dirt deposits inside, chances are the ear is infected.
3 -  Your dog’s demeanor. When you massage the ear, the dog leans toward your massaging hand. Generally, the harder your dog leans, the more serious the ear infection. You may also notice your dog scratching his/her ears more frequently and shaking his/her head often as well.

As awful as it is for our dogs to get these infections, it’s nothing a trip to your vet and antibiotics won’t fix. However, immediate attention should be placed on this matter, as it could turn into something more serious for your pet. Plus ear infections are PAINFUL. Follow this link to our pet forum for more info on canine ear infections.

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