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55 (video) – How to give a pill to a cat

Pet podcast #55 is our third video podcast with dog trainer and animal behaviourist Sherry Bedard. In this episode Sherry teaches us how to give a pill to a cat WITHOUT causing it too much stress. Sherry demonstrates this technique on my cat Ziglet and we get both the long shot and a close-up look at the technique. Sherry also talks about how to give pills to cats that are feistier than 16 year old Ziglet. (Updated 04/08 2014)

Sherry Bedard is an animal behaviourist and trainer working in Montreal. She founded Animal instincts school in 2005 and she teaches people how to become dog trainers. She also consults on a 1-to-1 basis with dog owners that are having problems with their dog. Sherry also teaches canine and feline behavior to students in the adult education program at Vanier College and regularly volunteers her time and expertise at local animal shelters in Montreal.

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  1. Avatar g says:

    wow! looks not so complicated after all. thanks for the info. will follow this.

  2. Avatar growler says:

    Ziglet is very good about taking his meds.

    I have a similar way of pilling Duffy but I have her sit on the kitchen floor infront of me facing the cupboards I’m crouching w/my legs on either side so she has no where to go. I pick up the pill between thumb & forefinger on right hand, hold her head in my left hand open her mouth using other fingers of right hand, and because she used to spit them out – still does on occasion, I hold the pill on my forefinger lightly against the roof of her mouth & slide it straight down to the point she has no choice but to swallow. A liguid supplement follows the pills.

    Duffy has gotten so used to it (& it’s always before a meal) that she comes over to me sits in front of me & tilts her head up & back a bit to look @ me. After a couple of years being pilled w/several supplements twice a day I can actually do it one handed now :)

  3. Avatar sugarcatmom says:

    Aww, what a good boy Ziglet is! If only my kitty was so good about getting pills (he requires the “2 person + burrito towel” technique – not exactly low stress).

    One thing I just want to mention is the importance of following pills with either a liquid or food chaser (or coating it in butter first), to make sure that the pill actually goes down and doesn’t get stuck in the esophagus. There is a risk of developing painful Erosive Esophagitis if a pill sits in the throat too long. Here’s a link with more info:

    A quote from a study mentioned in the above link:

    “After 5 minutes 84% of capsules and 64% of tablets are still sitting in the esophagus.” This is referring to pills and capsules that were dry swallowed.

    Cornell University also has some good info on pilling cats:

  4. Avatar maltipoo says:

    I’m waiting for the dog demo but this cat pill demo was excellent. Thank-you!

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