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Top ten tips on being a great pet owner – by Marko

Pet podcast #31 features a top 10 list on being or becoming a great pet owner.

Here’s the list and please listen for a fuller explanation of each point:

 - Commit to your pet for life
 - Make sure you can afford your pet
 - Make time for your pet
 - Research the breed or type of pet
 - Get a good veterinarian
 - Pet insurance
 - Exercise and interact with your dog, cat or pet
 - Socialize your pet
 - Group obedience training
 - Good pet food

Here’s the link for the dog socialization checklist

This week’s ‘Pawsitive pet news’ story is a story from the The Enquirer in Ohio where brave firemen rescued a kitty from a storm drain.

Thanks to Sandra for her comments on our last pet podcast #30

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