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Montreal SPCA – 6 New Board Members

Montreal SPCA new board member Marie-Claude Cadieux
Marie-Claude Cadieux – New board member & Dog walking program coordinator

As many people may know the Montreal SPCA has had a number of problems over the past several years. Recent media stories have highlighted past and current problems and this has finally forced some change. Last night 6 new board members Marie-Claude Cadieux, Paul-Andre Cyr, Jayne Arden, Rick Sala, Suzanne Boisvert and Alana Devine were elected at a special meeting and I, as a voting member was proud to be there.

Despite some confusion from members who just did not know what was going on, this meeting was hugely successful and elected 6 new people. I know 2 of them personally and in my opinion they are amazing choices. The other 4 also seem to be great choices. All 6 currently volunteer for the SPCA in some capacity, and their posts on the board of directors come with a ton of responsibility and NO salary.

The spirit of change was palpable and the overall mood in the room was one of elation. Finally some change for the good was the general feeling. The 6 new members were elected by an overwhelming majority (WELL over 90%) of members. The old board of directors did not welcome change and did not welcome transparency. This new board promises just the opposite. buy touchscreen monitor 200.00 test

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