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Kidney failure in dogs and cats – Pet podcast #35 – Interview with Dr. Lee

Pet podcast #35 features an interview with Dr. Lee a veterinarian in Mesa and Phoenix Arizona. In this interview we discuss general kidney failure in cats and dogs. (as opposed to kidney failure due to infection, tumours, cystic disease etc.) We talk about signs of kidney failure which often include loss of appetite, vomiting, weight loss, increased urination etc. We also discuss changing diets, foods to avoid and medications that can help with kidney failure in pets. 

This week’s ‘Pawsitive pet news’ story is a story from The Press and Journal in Scotland where Julie fawcett saved 2 dogs from freezing on Christmas eve.

Links mentioned in this pet podcast
 - Azodyl kidney medication for dogs and cats
 - Epakitin kidney medication for dogs and cats

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  1. Avatar John K. Matyi says:

    Lost my 4 y/o GSD on May 27, 2007 due to Renal Failure. This happened right in the middle of the dog food scare (contaminated wheat gluten from China). My vet had her on IV for a week to “flush out her kidneys,” but never really knew what the cause was for her problem.

    Enjoyed the podcast, just wondering if having a blood and urine done on a yearly basis is enough to forestall such an occurrence again. My new German shepherd (GSD) is now 8 months old and I want to be as preventive as possible to prevent this happening again (besides never buying anything made in China again).

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