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Humane society euthanizes microchipped cat with ID tag – Pet podcast #29

Pet podcast #29 reports on a really sad story where vacationing pet owner Mark Serra came home to find that his microchipped and tagged cat Krinkles was Euthanized by Mississauga Animal Services. You can read one of the many stories on this case from The Mississauga News.

If you want to comment on this story you can do so here in this blog. You can also comment (if you are a member – free to join) in the thread that Mark started on the pet bulletin board.

This week’s ‘Pawsitive pet news’ story is a story from the Edmonton Sun about a fundraiser where people dress up their dogs for Halloween in an effort to raise money for pets with cancer.

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5 Responses to this Article, So Far

  1. Avatar mark serra says:

    Thank you for bringing this story to everyones attention. I am Mark Serra, I have found out last Monday that the Mississauga animal service did not even call the microchip company in order to get all of the information,we had emergency #’s on there including my retired mother who is always home, and never misses a phone call. The microchip copany confirmed to me that no call was placed, even the person in charge of the investigation has confirmed this with me. This story has picked up steam with our local 100% volunteer humane society they tell me that the track record of this Mississauga animal control is horrible. They picked a fight with me by killing not euthenizing my best friend Krinkles, and I plan to finish it. Thank you,
    Mark Serra

  2. Avatar Belinda says:

    This story was disturbing to hear. Considering the cat had tags and was also microchipped, i believe the Mississauga animal control should have made an honest effort to contact the owners. I have a dog and he is microchipped. I was made to believe that any vets office and animal control center or shelter has the ability to read the chip. This being said, i would hope that in the event that my dog got lost i would be contacted based on the information on that chip. I guess this situation is so disturbing because this cat had a family that loved him and cared for him and it just seems more of an effort should have been made.

  3. The microchip makes this situation even more tradgic, I would have thought that there would be a reasonable amount of weeks that would the agency would wait before putting down any animal even if they did not have a microchip. people’s pets can get lost and they are trying to find them, it can take a long time even if the owner is making every effort. It seems that Mississauga should not be allowed to perform services.

    I hope that when you get over this tradgic loss you will consider adopting one of the many cats that are in the homeless shelters. It wont take the place of Krinkles, but it does help with the loss.

  4. Avatar Gina says:

    Animal control and the humane society are different organizations — please be careful about confusing the two and smearing a very good org.

  5. Avatar karim says:

    I left a stray whom i had fed and nursed for a week with Toronto Animal Services (north) who promised me they would put him through the adoption program as he was a perfectly healthy cat when i dropped him off. I even donated some $ to them because they seemed so genuine. I called back a week later to check on him, and they told me they euthanized him! Apparently they stated he got sick after a vaccination they gave him.

    Drop off a perfectly healthy animal, and it will end up dead. They’re very good at doing this.


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