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Hormones in cats and dogs – Pet podcast #22 – Interview with Dr. Lee

Pet podcast #22 features an interview with Dr. Lee of Advanced Animal Care Hospitals in Arizona. In this podcast we discuss hormones in cats and dogs and the roles that they play with regard to their behaviour. We also discuss the relationship between hormones and spaying and neutering your cat or dog.

This week’s ‘Good Mews’ story is a story from The New Haven Register on Lisa Blanchard, owner of Perfectly Spoiled Pet Boutique in Milford Connecticut and her inventive ‘Yappy Hour’. 

You can download this pet podcast directly by clicking the preceding link or listen to it almost immediately, with the embedded player.


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  1. I’d like to listen to this podcast too but I just can’t. I can’t download podcasts in my PC even if I do it in some podcasts that I’ve upoloaded from my own PC. There is just an ‘Error on Page’ message coming up and some kind of script error ‘unexpected’. It is working from all other computers that I have tried it on, and it is increasingly getting more frustrating for me.

  2. Avatar Marko says:

    Hmmm. Here’s another way – Try Right clicking on the word download underneath the post. THAT will prompt you to save the file on your computer exactly where you want to (I usually choose desktop).
    Then use something like windows media player which should already be on your computer to play the file.
    You could also go to and download their free player which will also play the file.
    Good luck!

  3. Avatar Curator says:

    Actually, I enjoyed the Yappy Hour story – what a great idea. I thought it would be fun here in my town to do a “you and your dog at the movies” night, or a party.

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